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Q: What countries does hemlock wood come from?
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Is hemlock a hard wood?

yes hemlock wood is a sofftwood

What kind of trees does soft wood come from?

Cedars, Firs, Larch, Pine, Yew and Hemlock

Is hemlock a good outdoor wood?

Yes it is, but not as good as cedar.

What kind of wood are lolly sticks made from?


Where does hard and soft wood come from?

hard wood is grown in hot countries where it don't rain alot, and soft wood is grown in cold countries where it rains alot.

What has the author R P A Johnson written?

R. P. A. Johnson has written: 'Properties of western hemlock and their relation to uses of the wood' -- subject(s): Utilization, Wood, Western hemlock 'Properties of western larch and their relation to uses of the wood' -- subject(s): Western larch, Wood, Utilization

What type of wood is used in doors?

Most common interior doors are made from fir or hemlock.

Does hemlock make a good wreath?

No, hemlock is toxic and should not be used to make wreaths. Handling or being near hemlock can lead to poisoning if the sap or parts of the plant are ingested or come into contact with the skin. It's unsafe to use hemlock for decorative purposes.

Adaptations of a Western hemlock?

It is blah blah blah

What is hemlock used for?

It's fatal poison. Socrates is famous for drinking it for a matter of principles, you should read the story some time it's very interesting.

Is it safe to burn hemlock in a wood stove?

Burns quick, burns out quick, lot of creosote. Clean your chimney OFTEN.

Are two by fours made from more than one type of wood?

No, two by fours are typically made from a single type of wood, typically softwood such as pine, fir, or hemlock.