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Saudi Arabia. Venezuela. and united states. they have the companies that pull it out of the ground.

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Q: What countries produces all three fuels?
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Why are all fossil fuels polluting?

all are hydrocarbons, on burning produces mono carbons

Name three fuels?

coal oil and natural gas are all fossil fuels

What fossil fuels cause pollution?

All three of them do.CoalOilGasFossil fuels are the cause of global warming and pollution.

In which countries is acid rain formed?

Those obtaining their energy from fossil fuels - that is all the countries of the world.

Do all countries consume the same amount of Fossil Fuels?

Definetly not tak

Why is it necessary for all countries to cut back on their use of fossil fuels?

All countries must cut back on the use of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) because this is causing global warming and climate change. The atmosphere is common to all countries. Emissions from developed countries affect the climate of tiny countries with a very low carbon footprint. So all countries must cooperate.

What countries produce fur coats?

85% of all fur produces China

If energy is never destroyed then where does the energy from fuels disappear?

Combustion of the fuels produces heat energy. This energy warms all things and the air in its vicinity. The energy doesn't disappear but is distributed over a lot of matter.

Are all fuels fossil fuels?


Why are some fossil fuels fossil fuels?

All fossil fuels are fossil fuels.

What causes carbon dioxide to be produced by planes?

Aeroplanes (piston engine, turbine, jet) all use hydrocarbon fuels (avgas, jet fuel) to produce power. Burning of hydrocarbon fuels produces carbon dioxide.

Are all the atoms of an element?

Nuclear power produces around 11% of the world's energy needs, and produces huge amounts of energy from small amounts of fuel, without the pollution that you'd get from burning fossil fuels.

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