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Cuba, Laos, Vietnam, North Korea, and China

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Q: What countries today use the command systems?
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What type of interface do most operating systems use today?

command- line

What are two general types of economic systems that exist today?

Capitalism and capitalism: wages system, production for use, minority ownership of the means of production.

Were the early systems of measurement as accurate as those you use today?

No. The early systems of measurement were not as accurate as those I use today. The systems of measurement I use today are substantially more accurate than the early systems of bygone days were.

What do you type to get a computer's MAC address?

for Windows Systems use IPCONFIG /ALL command to view Mac Address. for Linux Systems use IFCONFIG -A command to view Mac Address.

What command do you use to check disk space in Ubuntu?

Almost all Unix/Linux systems use the 'df' command to find out how big the partition is, how much is in use, and the percentage of the system in use. This command must be used in a command window.

What is the command to get the Unix version?

cat /proc/version The above answer will only work on certain systems. For most Unix systems, use the 'uname' command to get the Unix version. AIX uses the oslevel command.

How do you move files in an operating system?

In *nix systems(Linux, Mac OS X, BSD, etc.) you can use the 'mv' command, in Windows-based systems use the 'move' command. Both types of systems usually allow you to drag and drop (or cut and paste) in a graphical environment.

How do you find out network config from command line?

It depends on the operating system you are using. Most windows systems use the 'ipconfig' command to look at the network adaptor configuration, whereas Unix/Linux use the 'ifconfig' command.

What command do you use to mount all file systems that are intended to mount at boot time?

mount -a

Why do you use more AC versus DC?

The AC systems are more readily available. All countries national grids are AC systems. With the use of transformers the voltage can be transmitted over long distances. DC systems have their place but are not comparable to the AC systems that run countries.

Which command used to trace the routes between two systems?

you can use the ping command. the syntax is open DOS and then type ping ipaddress of the host machine

How many countries use the gold standard?

There are no countries today that are using the gold standard.