What countries use Sharia Law?

Countries using strict forms of Sharia Law include:

Death for Blasphemy:

1. Afghanistan

2. Bahrain

3. Iran

4. Mauritania

5. Oman

6. Pakistan

7. Yemen

8. Saudi Arabia

9. Gaza

Imprisonment for Blasphemy:

1. Algeria

2. Bangladesh

3. Egypt

4. Iraq

5. Kuwait

6. Libya

7. Malaysia

8. Maldives

9. Morocco

10. Somalia

11. Tunisia

12. United Arab Emirates

Nations that include some level of Sharia (lenient sentences for honor killings, ban on new churches, floggings, etc):

1. Indonesia (Flogging, caning; Sharia applied strictly in Aceh province)

2. Turkey (Restrictions on alcohol)

3. Brunei (Caning; alcohol is illegal)

4. Jordan (2 years or less for honor killings)

5. Eritrea (Girls as young as 8 can be married; spousal rape is not recognized)

6. Syria (1 year or less for honor killings)

7. Djibouti (Sharia law regarding divorce)

8. Chechnya (Modest dress enforced; alcohol and gambling suppressed by local authorities)

9. Niger (girls can be married off before they reach puberty)

10. Nigeria (Sharia is enforced in the northern states)

11. Kenya (Ad hoc Sharia enforced in the east near the border with Somalia)

12. Gambia (Sharia courts decide all family matters, including for non-Muslims)

13. Qatar (public consumption is illegal during Ramadan; alcohol heavily restricted; blood money acceptable punishment for murder; "kafala" law, which is also shared by all Gulf states but Bahrain, is technically slavery)

14. Uganda (Kadhi Courts overseeing family and civil matters)

Most "Western" nations also have parallel Sharia legal systems (for example, in Canada polygamy is widely practiced and authorities look the other way; Imams refusing to condemn or work to stop it). Sharia finance is also practiced in many nations around the world. Many other Islamic nations that do not apply Sharia (such as Azerbaijan, Albania, Bosnia, Uzbekistan, and Tajikstan) have large portions of their population who do want it applied or who actively seek to abide by it extra-legally.