What countries use Sharia Law?

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Countries using strict forms of Sharia Law include:

Death for Blasphemy:

1. Afghanistan
2. Bahrain
3. Iran
4. Mauritania
5. Oman
6. Pakistan
7. Yemen
8. Saudi Arabia
9. Gaza

Imprisonment for Blasphemy:

1. Algeria
2. Bangladesh
3. Egypt
4. Iraq
5. Kuwait
6. Libya
7. Malaysia
8. Maldives
9. Morocco
10. Somalia
11. Tunisia
12. United Arab Emirates

Nations that include some level of Sharia (lenient sentences for honor killings, ban on new churches, floggings, etc):

1. Indonesia (Flogging, caning; Sharia applied strictly in Aceh province)
2. Turkey (Restrictions on alcohol)
3. Brunei (Caning; alcohol is illegal)
4. Jordan (2 years or less for honor killings)
5. Eritrea (Girls as young as 8 can be married; spousal rape is not recognized)
6. Syria (1 year or less for honor killings)
7. Djibouti (Sharia law regarding divorce)
8. Chechnya (Modest dress enforced; alcohol and gambling suppressed by local authorities)
9. Niger (girls can be married off before they reach puberty)
10. Nigeria (Sharia is enforced in the northern states)
11. Kenya (Ad hoc Sharia enforced in the east near the border with Somalia)
12. Gambia (Sharia courts decide all family matters, including for non-Muslims)
13. Qatar (public consumption is illegal during Ramadan; alcohol heavily restricted; blood money acceptable punishment for murder; "kafala" law, which is also shared by all Gulf states but Bahrain, is technically slavery)
14. Uganda (Kadhi Courts overseeing family and civil matters)

Most "Western" nations also have parallel Sharia legal systems (for example, in Canada polygamy is widely practiced and authorities look the other way; Imams refusing to condemn or work to stop it). Sharia finance is also practiced in many nations around the world. Many other Islamic nations that do not apply Sharia (such as Azerbaijan, Albania, Bosnia, Uzbekistan, and Tajikstan) have large portions of their population who do want it applied or who actively seek to abide by it extra-legally.
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Does Sharia refer to the sacred law of Judaism?

No. The proper Hebrew term for this is "Halakha" (הלכה), which hasbeen carried into English discourse. "Shari'a" in typical English usage refers to Islamic Religious Lawwhich is "Shari'ia" (شريعة) in Arabic.

What is The highest law in US country?

I'm not sure if you meant the highest Law or the highest Court. I know of no such law being considered the "highest law". However, the highest Court is the US Supreme Court. Highest law= US Constitution

What is the meaning of sharia religious laws?

consersation means talking between people Sharia is the religious law of Islam. It is contrived from the divine revelations of the Qur'an and the examples of the prophet Muhammad.

What would the impact be on the UK if Sharia Law was introduced?

it would be that the UK is now an Islamic country. Islam is a forceful religion that does not consider some basic human rights. Take for example the Nigerian senator that married a 13 year old girl at 57 and was proud to say that he was protected under the sharia law. if it was introduced in the UK ( Full Answer )

Countries using hammurabi's law?

No country uses the Code of Hammurabi as their primary way of enforcing laws today. The code was enforced in Ancient Babylon @ 1760 B.C. by the King of Babylon Hammurabi.

Is sharia law evil?

Evil is a point of view, not a state of being. If your values are opposed to those in the Qur'an, you may consider Sharia law to be evil. If you believe in the Qu'ran, then you will probably not think it is evil. . Answer 2: Sharia laws are not evil. Sharia laws are those laws which have to be us ( Full Answer )

What are the Sharia laws?

Sharia is the moral code and religious law of Islam. It comes from the Quran and from the Sunnah, and is similar to the Christian Old Testament law. ______________________________________________________________ Sharia law is based on: . Quran, Muslims holy book revealed by God to prophet Muhamm ( Full Answer )

Which countries practice Sharia law?

While there is no country that "perfectly" implements Shari'a Law,since Muslims usually claim that perfect implementation would leadto a utopia and no Islamic country has that, Iran and Saudi Arabiaattempt to do so with varying degrees of success. Of course,neither country is a utopia by any stretch ( Full Answer )

Do women have rights in Sharia law countries?

Yes, according to Sharia, women should be granted the same rights as men They should, but they don't. they are beaten, mutilated, electrocuted, raped, buried alive, burned, stabbed, tortured, made to wear the prison garb, burkas, strangled, drowned, stoned, and beaten. Women are only given rights a ( Full Answer )

What are the five schools of sharia law?

In Sunni Islam there are four schools of Sharia Law, and one school in Shiite Islam. The Sunni schools are: . The Maliki (Medina) . Hanafi (progressive, majority of muslims) . Shafii (important in legal theory) . Hanbali (conservative). The Shiite school of Sharia is the Jafari.

What countries use Islamic law?

Dear all, Although Islamic law is used in various Islamic countries, more specifically it is not strictly but followed up to and extended in Saudi Arabia. zishan Well Zishan you are wrong. The Countries that use Islamic Law as their Basic Laws are 1-Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2-Republic of Yemen ( Full Answer )

Which Islamic countries don't practice sharia laws?

Shia Answer all sunni countries have their Owen sharia which is not actually Islamic sharia,their main source of hadith was abu huraira who was a Jew of khaibar after the defeat of khaiber by Hazrat Ali he converted to Islam he was very cleaver that's why our beloved Prophet Muhammad named him abu ( Full Answer )

Do Sunni and Shia have the same basis of interpreting Sharia law?

for sunni its Quran and sunnah for shia its Quran and sunnah and sayings of 12 Imams. Shia and Sunni have mostly same beliefs and both believe in fundamental beliefs of Islam. Today there is up to 260 sects in Islam that are in two main categories of shia and sunni. the conflict of shia and su ( Full Answer )

There r 55 Muslims countries but totally sharia are not applied in any country?

Depends on what you percieve as a 'Muslim' country. For instance, the UK is a nominally Christian country (it even has a legally established Church, the Church of England), but the general character of the country is only vaguely Christian, and there are substantial minorities of other religions, in ( Full Answer )

What are some Sharia laws?

actually im a Muslim person and i can tell you some of the laws we have to go on for example like :- 1- we should pray five times in a day . 2- we shouldn't lie at people 3-reading quran makes you feel better and relaxable 4- stealing is not allowed too 5- talking about people while they a ( Full Answer )

What does sharia law say about Christians?

Sharia law is for the Muslims. It permits the followers of allother religion to lead their life according to their own religionand traditions. The Hindus celebrate Deewali, the Christianscelebrate X-mas.

What are sharia laws?

Sharia laws are laws based on the Quran; the holy book of Islam. _____________________________________________________________ Sharia law is based on: . Quran, Muslims holy book revealed by God to prophet Muhammad (PBUH), . Sunnah, prophet Muhammad (PBUH) teachings (sayings and practices), . ( Full Answer )

Is Sharia Law used anywhere in the US?

The US Constitution forbids the use of any law based on religion. Sharia is a code of Islamic Law based on the teachings of Mohamed. Just as the Constitution forbids government to enforce the Cannon Law of the Roman Catholic Church, it also forbids the government to enforce Sharia. Of course, indiv ( Full Answer )

What countries do not follow sharia law strictly?

The problem with this question is that there is not one unifiedconsensus among Muslims as to what the proper or strict applicationof Sharia law is. That being said, there are some Muslim-majoritycountries that enforce far fewer of the religious requirements ontheir populaces than other Muslim-majori ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between common law and sharia law?

Common law is civil law and the principles of common law are developed through fairness and equity. Modern legal codes are derived from common law principals. Modern common law treats all people the same and all have the same rights. Sharia law is religious law and an extension of extreme patriarcha ( Full Answer )

Are American Muslims under Sharia law?

YES, but they make like their not. This lets the rest of he population think that they are following the laws of the land.

Does France use sharia law?

No. France is official a secular state and, therefore, government endorsement of any religion or its views is categorically banned. France does not have anything similar to the multiculturalism that the UK currently has. However, private disputes can be arbitrated by Shari'a Courts, which are led by ( Full Answer )

What countries follow sharia law?

There aren't any countries on the planet that fully implement sharia. Some extremist countries like Iran will implement the penalties but leave out the bits about womens rights, justice, etc.

Are there any similarities between Sharia Law and Judaism?

Answer 1 Shariah law is similar to Judaic law as Mohammedcopied from the Jews (at first he wanted to be the last Jewishprophet but was rejected by them). The difference is that the Jewshave progressed beyond stoning and having more than one wife. Ofcourse, there are idiosyncrasies of pre-Islamic cul ( Full Answer )

Is sharia law practiced in the USA?

Sharia guides all aspects of Muslim life including daily routines, familial and religious obligations, and financial dealings. It is derived primarily from the Quran and the Sunna--the sayings, practices, and teachings of the Prophet Mohammed. So it is indeed practiced by Muslims, not just in the US ( Full Answer )

What is the advantage and disadvantage of Sharia law?

An advantage of Sharia law is that it covers a wider range of categories of law that arent implimented in certain countries. A disadvantage is that the punishments are so harsh and severe and not fully justified

How do Islamic countries use sharia law?

by designing the government form and country laws and economy and every thing based sharia laws that are derived from Koran and Islam

What countries do not follow sharia law?

Countries which are majority non-Muslim do not practice sharia law. Many majority-Muslim countries incorporate Sharia into their legal systems in some fashion and to varying degrees. Other Muslim countries which do not generally use Sharia in their legal systems include former Soviet Republics.

What is the age of consent in sharia law?

According to the mainstream Shia and Sunni schools of thought it is generally held to be puberty. This is because in Islam, someone who has reached puberty is an adult.

What are pros and cons of sharia law?

Answer 1 Sharia law is based mainly on God holy book Quran and the prophetSunnah (sayings and practices). Accordingly, no one can claim thathe/she has the authority to claim that sharia law is subject todebates about pros and cons. The only point is that the application of Sharia law needs goodund ( Full Answer )

Which groups are most at risk because of sharia law?

Sharia law is the law of Almighty God so no one is at risk ANSWER 2: Sharia law is not in the Qur'an and is, therefore, manmade law. It is also known to differ somewhat according to the country in which a Muslim lives. The group most at risk under sharia law would be homosexuals.

How does terrorism fit into the future of the world due to Sharia law?

On this is one you will have to go by my saying, "What others say is truth is not, but what is before you? Truth." This means that there is much debate on the entirety of what extreem islam law means. Terrorism is a failure to make changes and as history shows the only way it fits into the future of ( Full Answer )

What do most experts think will happen with the Sharia law?

Sharia law is composed of:. God rules and commands as specified in the Muslim holy Book Quran that reflects real God words revelation to prophet Muhammad, and . Prophet Muhammad sunnah that includes all the prophet sayings and practices covering all life aspects. . In this sense, Sharia law des ( Full Answer )

Is sharia law mentioned the the health care bill?

No, it is not. This is a popular myth spread by opponents of the law, as well as by political opponents of the president. I invite you to look at the law and you will see for yourself that nothing about special exemptions for Muslims (another internet myth that is equally false) nor about sharia are ( Full Answer )

What are Differences Between Sunnis And Shia Regarding sharia law?

two main differences are here. in principles both shiite and Sunni has common ideas such as tawhid or the oneness and nabuwwah or prophecy and ressurrection or Maad , but shiite despite these beiefs ,hs two other namely immamat or belief in the imams as successors of the prophet AND Adl or Divine ju ( Full Answer )

What is Sharia Law as it pertains to Islam?

Sharia Law is an Islamic moral and religious code. In Islam, Sharia Law is considered to be the law of God and covers topics both found and not found in government law.

What topics are addressed in the Sharia law?

Sharia law is divided into 5 branches: ritual worship, transactions and contracts, morals and manners, beliefs, and punishments. There can be signification differences in the interpretation of these branches depending upon country, culture, and schools of fiqh.

Why does Eric Holder enforce Sharia Law?

Eric Holder does not enforce Sharia Law. As an officer of the USFederal government, specifically the Attorney General, he enforcesUS Federal Law. However, there are those who like to equate anylaws, statements, or ideas that they do not like with Shari'aregardless of whether those laws, statements, ( Full Answer )

Which countries use the sharia?

Though all Muslim countries must use shria law, it is not usedanywhere in its letter and spirit. In terms of those that claim that they are applying it more rigidlyand in most aspects of governance, you have Iran, Saudi Arabia,Sudan, parts of Somalia, and Taliban controlled areas.