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France didn't even rule France during World War 2, let alone occupy any other countries.

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No only France was occupied by the Nazis

West Germany, as such, was a creation of WW2, occupied by Britain, France & the US.

No. Never occupied directly (like as in the cases of USSR, France)

After World War 2 Germany was occupied by the Soviet Union, the United States, Great Britian, and France

It was Germany,that invaded the Benelux countries and France during World War II.

Practically all the cities in Germany, Great Britain, France and the other West European countries occupied by Germany.

Germany invaded and occupied most of France, including Paris, during World War 2.

Yes, during WW1 Germany invaded Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

Czechoslovakia, Poland, France, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg

The Soviet Union, England, United Staes, and France.

France, for one. Could you be more specific?

The Ussr, Britain, The US, and France because they were the strongest world leaders after the war had ended

France, Britain and the United States occupied Germany in the west after World War 2.

The only country was with/occupied ti germany is germany, austria-hungary and italy

Only Japan occupied th island of Japan during WWII. The United State planned to but instead reverted to the Nucluear bomb.

Germany and France. The part of Germany that they occupied was eventually called West Germany, while the Russians occupied East Germany.

France, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Czechaslovakia, Hugary, Denmark, Norway and The Netherlands

Yes. Denmark was occupied during World War 2.

All I know so far is Denmark, Norway, and Poland

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