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What countries where affected in the Bosnian war?


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Bosnia, herzegovina and Croatia but it also affected the Serbians and slavs.

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The Bosnian Conflict was an international war that resulted from the breakup of Yugoslavia. The countries involved were the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska, FR Yugoslavia and AP Western Bosnia.

the victory of the bosnian war can be debated but many p-eople say the bosnian Muslim were victorious

the bosnian war took place in bosnia

because it affected many countries because it affected many countries

the serbians assingnatted the bosnian presiedent which started the war for 4 years.

The Bosnian war ended in August of 1995. It started in March of 1995.

The Bosnian War commenced in Bosnia and Herzegovina which is in Europe and has a population of 4,621 598 people.The Bosnian War commenced in 1991 and lasted 4 years.

The Bosnian Civil War began April 1, 1992 - December 14, 1995 .

No. He was in the Serbian War.

There were lots of Muslims for Bosnian and Christians for Serbs

ALL Countries were affected by the cold war.

The Croats fought in 1991 together with the Bosnians against the Serbs, but in 1992 the Croats and the Bosnians also started a war against eachother.

Bosnia and Herzegovina were the two factions involved in the Bosnian War. It was an internal conflict involving ethnic cleansing.

Yes, because the Seize of Sarajevo was a part of the Bosnian War. The Bosnia War was apart of the Yugoslav Wars. So, Sarajevo is a place of war in the Bosnia War.

The main belligerents were the forces of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and those of the self-proclaimed Bosnian Serb and Bosnian Croat entities within Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska and Herzeg-Bosnia.

The Bosnian War started in April 6th, 1992. It lasted until December 14th, 1995 and the war was caused primarily by the breakup of Yugoslavia.

It might be easier to ask which countries were notaffected by WWII and even then it might be a hard question to answer. Even Tibet took in refugees during the war.

Definitely the Bosnian crisis. :) it is a vigina :)

not much Spain won the lottery

Beside Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia & Montenegro were involved too, which inputs that this was not a Civil war. Actually it was aggression of other two countries on one independent country accepted by UN and EU.

Collapse of the USSR in 1990.

The sheer scale of World War 2 affected many countries.

Britain and Germany were effected because they were at war against each other.

Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, U.S., Russia, and Syria.

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