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Transylvania is a region of Romania, not a country.

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In what country is Transylvania?

Transylvania is in Romania.

What is Transylvania?

Transylvania is a part of Romania.

How do you spell Transylvania?

Transylvania is correct.

When was Transylvania found?

Transylvania is populated from the paleolithic.

What is Transylvania now?

Transylvania is a Romanian province.

What is Transylvania passcode?

Any passcode for Transylvania.

Is Transylvania in Ukraine?

No, Transylvania is a region in Romania.

Where is hotel Transylvania?

In Transylvania. It's not real.

Are there wolves in Transylvania?

Yes, there are wolves in Transylvania, in fact Transylvania has the largest wolf population in Europe.

Where is the Transylvania Express located?

There is no such listing or location for the Transylvania Express. There is a company and website that goes by the name of Transylvania Express that charters trains to Transylvania and parts of Romania.

Where is the capital of Transylvania?

The capital of the Transylvania province is Cluj.

Is Dracula lives in transylvania?

In the novel, he lives in Transylvania.

You which county is Transylvania?

Transylvania is an unincorporated community located mostly in East Carroll Parish Louisiana.if you are in Transylvania you are in the USA.

What is Transylvania countries adjacent to this region?

Transylvania is a province in the central part of Romania.Transylvania is surrounded mostly by mountains.

What is the tss transylvania?

TSS Transylvania was the name of two British passenger steamships: Transylvania I (1914-1917), and Transylvania II (1925-1940). Both were sunk by German torpedoes.

Is there a Transylvania?

Transylvania is a Romanian province and Romania is an European country.

Is Transylvania a real place?

Yes, Transylvania is a region in Romania.

Which country is Transylvania found?

Transylvania is a region in the center of Romania.

What is the climate in Transylvania?

its very very very cold in transylvania

Is Transylvania a country?

No transylvania is an area / region in the country of Romania

Transylvania is a region in what country?

Transylvania is a region in the Central Romania.

What the countries in Transylvania?

Transylvania is a province in the central part of Romania.

Was Transylvania real?

Transylvania is a very real province of Romania !

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