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Q: What country's capital is located 9 degrees south and 13 degrees east?
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What capital city is located at 33 degrees south and 70 degrees west?

Mendoza is the capital of the province of Mendoza in Argentina. It is located at 32 degrees 53′S 68 degrees 49′W.

What are the world's northernmost and southernmost capitals?

The world's northernmost capital is located at 64 degrees north, with Reykjavík, Iceland. The southernmost capital is located at 41 degrees south, with the capital of Wellington, New Zealand.

Which capital is located at 16 degrees south and 48 degrees west?

That point is located in Brazil, about 16 miles southwest of Brasilia.

What capital city is located near 20 degrees south 100 degrees west?

Mexico City

What capital city in South America has the same degrees south as SydneyAustralia?

Sydney, Australia is at 33.52 S latitude Santiago, Chile is at 33.27 S latitude Buenos Aires, Argentina is at 34.46 S latitudeSantiago, Chile is in at the same degrees south as Sydney, Australia. The coordinates are located at 33.27 degrees south.Buenos Aires, capital city of Argentina, is close to the same latitude as Sydney, capital of the state of New South Wales, Australia.

Which capital city is located at 6 degrees south latitude and 107 degrees east longitude?

Jakarta, Indonesia.

Which capital city is located 16 degrees south latitude and 48 degrees west longitude?

Brasilia, Brazil.

Is Stockholm the capital of Sweden located north or south of 60 degrees Nlatitude?

It is just south of that latitude, being over 59 degrees north.

Which capital city is located 34 south and 58 west?

The location of 34 degrees south and 58 degrees west is Buenos Aires, Argetina.

Through which 4 south American countrys does 20 degrees south latitude pass?

20 degrees south latitude passes through Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Bolivia

Nairobi is the capital of what is the capitalof an island located 18 degrees north and 77 degrees south?

If you meant 18 degrees north latitude and 77 degrees west longitude, then the island is Jamaica. And, Nairobi is the capital of Kenya, and Kenya is not an island. Kenya is located in Africa.

What is the capital and country located at 35 degrees south and 105 degrees east?

None. This is a location in the ocean close to western Australia.