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Q: What country devotes 40 percent of its work force to tourism?
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How does tourism affect culture and environment in a country?

Well, tourism effects cultures and environments in many ways like it could effect there language, might force then to change there infasturcture, etc...

What is tourism skeleton force?

In tourism a skeleton force is the bare minimum number of workers to keep things going. A skeleton force is generally used during the off season.

What is the amount of unemployed individual in this country if in a certain country the labor force is 30 million and the unemployed rate is 5 percent?

1.5 million

In 2000 18 percent of men were outside the labor force what percent of women were outside the labor force in 2000?

30 percent

In 2000 18 percent of men were outside the labor force what percent of women were outside labor force in 2000?

30 percent

What is the role of tourism towards economic growth in South Africa?

lack of education of the larger percent of the worforce means that reources will not be utilised properly and the labour force lacks understanding of what sustainable tourism is. they work like robots and are not innovative .

Five reason why tourism can be a beneficial force in society?

is because out of tourism out of it people can find jobs, why because people turn to help tourists in hotels by giving them what to eat

What percent do mexican's make up of the work force?

28 percent

What are Mexico's two main service industries?

The most important is tourism, which contributes to 16% of Mexico's GDP and provides employment to 17% of the Mexican working force.

What are the importance of tourism planning and development?

Many towns rely on tourism as a driving force for their local economy. Â However, without proper planning a rapidly expanding tourism industry can create unexpected problems for the area. In order to manage the growth in a direction that will benefit the area tourism planning and development is vital.

What are the main uses of the River Tees?

industrial uses at the estuary and tourism used at the High Force waterfall.

What is the percent break down for labor force by occupation in Cambodia?

15 percent