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Q: What country did Fransico Pizarro represent?
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Did fransico Pizarro have kids?

EFGFGUREJIEUDid fransico Pizarro have kids?".

Who was fransico Pizarro?

he was a explorer

What is Fransisco Pizarro's whole name?

Fransisco Pizarro's full name is Francisco Pizarro Gonzalez.

Why was fransico Pizarro exploring?

for gold and land

Fransico Pizarro defeat the Inca?


Where was fransico Pizarro in the middle of his esxpedition?


Why was fransico Pizarro famous?

he was very stupid

what did fransico pizarro wear when he travel?

what do you mean

What are some facts about fransico pizarro?

Franciso Pizarro[1478-1554] is a Spanish conquistador and explor

What year did Fransico Pizarro start exploring?

miichelle was heree

Who is the first to explore Peru and conquered the incans?

Francisco Pizarro

Did fransico Pizarro discover Mexico?

No. He discovered and conquered Peru, though.