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What country did Joseph Stalin take over?

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Joseph Stalin took over the Soviet Union.

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What did Joseph Stalin want out of the treaty of Versailles?

Joseph Stalin hoped that the Treaty of Versailles would result in Hitler causing a Civil War. He wanted Communists to take over the country of Germany.

Why did Joseph Stalin get rid of Leon Trotsky?

Stalin got rid of Trotsky as he was his rival to take over russia after lenin died.

Why did Joseph Stalin join the Soviet Union?

Stalin never "joined the Soviet Union." Vladimir Lenin created it in 1922 when Stalin was one of several Commissars in Lenin's government. After Lenin died Stalin and others took over running the Soviet government. Later he had total control of it. Why did he take control over it. Stalin was always power hungry and controlling. He saw his chance at surviving Lenin after Lenin had his disabling strokes and stepped in to take that control of and exercise power over a country.

Who was the reason why Joseph Stalin wanted to become a leader?

because he wanted to take over the world andhe did not know waht to do over that time

How did Stalin take over Yugoslavia?

Yugoslavia - The communist party led by Tito had freed the country without the help of Stalin, or the red army. He was determined to have his own way of communism, and disobeyed Stalin by helping the Greek communists. Eventually he was expelled from Cominform. allowing Stalin to take over

Joseph Stalin ruled russia and was a?

Joseph Stalin was a tyrant that seemed to take pleasure in killing and taking more control. He was said to "rule with an iron fist."

What are the risks Joseph Stalin took?

Stalin took many risks through-out his career, from drawing reserves to bail Stalingrad out to daring to take control of the country when he could have been removed by the courts from any power whatsoever.

Was Joseph Stalin a statist in the political diamond?

Yes, Joseph Stalin was a statist in the political diamond. He believed that the state should take control of the social and economic policy to some degree.

When did Leon Trotsky reign over Russia?

Trotsky never did reign over Russia. Lenin did at first after the Revolution. Then Lenin became ill and Joseph Stalin, Grigory Zinoviev and Lev Kamenev ruled together. After Lenin died, Trotsky was supposed to take over according to papers left behind by Lenin, but Stalin prevented that and forced Trotsky first out of the Communist Party then out of the country.

What countries did Germany take over in world war 1?

the Rhineland, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland but split it with Joseph Stalin(the soviet Union,USSR)

Why did Hitler turn on Joseph Stalin?

They were actually allies invading Poland. Hitler turned on Stalin simply because he wanted to take out USSR.

Who succeeded Lenin as head of the communist party?

Joseph Stalin succeeded Lenin as head of the Communist Party because Stalin had already been made Secretary General of the party before Lenin died. Stalin did not take over as sole leader of the Soviet Union, but he was the leader of the Communist Party.

Who succeeded Lenin as leader of the Soviet Union?

At first, a troika of Joseph Stalin, Grigory Zinoviev and Lev Kamenev. Eventually it was Joseph Stalin alone, but that was not until November 1929. There was a struggle for control among the top four men in the Central Committee, Leon Trotsky, Grigory Zinoviev, Nikolai Bukharin and Joseph Stalin. Lenin had warned against allowing Stalin to take over, but Stalin allied himself with Zinoviev to oust Trotsky. Then he allied himself with Bukharin to eliminate Zinoviev. By then Stalin was so entrenched in the party that he cut ties with Bukharin and simply assumed power in the absence of meaningful opposition.

Who was Joseph Stalin's followers?

the general followers of Stalin were th lower-classmen. the poor loved Stalin because he promised food and thigns to them because Stalin was going to take from the rich and give to the poor.

Where did the genocide of Joseph Stalin take place?

Joseph Stalin took all the food out of the ukrain and left the people to starve. In some villages every single person died. There were hundereds of acounts of mothers and fathers eating there children.

When did Stalin take over the soviet union?

Well Lenin, the first leader of the U.S.S.R., died in 1924 and Stalin took over directly afterwards. So 1924.

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