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What country did Ponce de Leon explore for?

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Spain was his sponsor.

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what country did ponce deleon explore

Juan Ponce de Leon explore for Spain

Jaun Ponce de Leon was the first European to explore Florida

Ponce de Leon led the first European exploration of Florida.

juan ponce de leon was from spain

years during which juan ponce de leon traveled

Christopher Columbus motivated Leon to explore

Ponce de LeonPonce de Leon explored Florida looking for the Fountain of Youth.

Juan Ponce de Leon sailed for Spain.

Juan Ponce de Leon was famous for the country named Spain

Ponce de Leon Ponce de Leon Ponce de Leon Ponce de Leon

Juan Ponce de Leon was from Santervas de Campos, in Spain

ponce de leon explored to find the fountain of youth, which was a spring that if someone drank from they would live forever.

Juan Ponce De Leon discovered Florida which is a kind Flowers in spanish.

Ponce de leon explored because he wished to find the fountain of youth... He gave Florida its name.

Ponce de Leon set sail from Spain in 1521.

Ponce de Leon was influenced to explore by his cousin, Christopher Columbus. He was also motivated by the idea of fame and fortune which was the backbone of his explorations.

He explored on behalf of the Spanish Crown.

He was looking for the mystical Fountain of Youth.

Bimini for the Fountain of Youth

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