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Q: What country did francis represent?
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What country did Francis Ferdinand represent?


What country did Sir Francis Drake represent?

Francis Drake represented England.

What European country did francis drake represent?


What country did Sir Francis Drake represent for people?


Which colony did Francis Drake represent?

because he farted

What was Saint Francis of Assisi's country?

Francis was an Italian.

Can an individual athlete enter the Olympics or do they have to represent a country?

They have to represent the country.

Can a athlete represent a country that he or she does not live in?

yes, they can represent the country of their birth.

When Francis Deak was the leader of which country?

Francis Deák was a Hungarian statesman.

What is Francis Bacon country?

Francis Bacon country is the country where sir Francis Bacon first used the left over meat on a pig as bacon and fried it in a pan or on a hot plate. this occured in 1843.

What was Saint Francis' birth country?

St. Francis of Assisi was born in Assisi, Italy.

What country sponsored Francis Drake?