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Austrian Hungarian Empire

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Why did soldiers fight in ww1?

they had a duty to serve their country/other countries

How did immigrants oppose WW1?

Some of them did not want to fight with their country of origin.

Why did people join the army in WW1?

because they wanted to fight for there country and become a hero

Who did Norway fight with in WW1?

None. Norway was a neutral country during World War 1.

Why did people fight in ww1?

people fought in world one because they wanted to make there country proud of them

Did Adolf Hitler fight in WW1?

Yes. Hitler was a runner in WW1.

How tall is Londale Theus?

Londale Theus is 6' 3".

How tall is Reggie Theus?

Reggie Theus is 6' 7".

When was Roqui Theus born?

Roqui Theus was born in 1989.

What did the ANZACS do?

they faught for there country against the Turks in WW1the ANZAC'S help the New Zealand's and the Amercia fight the war in 1914-1920

When was Reggie Theus born?

Reggie Theus was born on October 13, 1957.

When did Jeremiah Theus die?

Jeremiah Theus died on 1774-05-17.

When was Jeremiah Theus born?

Jeremiah Theus was born on 1716-04-05.

What has the author Balz Theus written?

Balz Theus has written: 'Meier, Prophet'

When was Lucius Theus born?

Lucius Theus was born on 1922-10-11.

When did Lucius Theus die?

Lucius Theus died on 2007-10-15.

Did Mexico fight in world war 1?

Mexico did not actually fight in ww1.

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