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Q: What country did the bass drum come from?
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What is a bass drum hoop?

A bass drum hoop is the outer rim of the bass drum that sandwiches the bass drum head to the actual shell of the bass drum.

What is the name of a bass drum?

Bass drum. The bass drum in a trap set is also called the kick drum.

What instrument do you use while playing a bass drum?

You use the ... bass drum while playing the bass drum ... (?)

What country is the band pendulum from?

If you are talking about the Drum 'n' Bass group, they are Australian.

What produces the lowest pitch a Congo drum or bass drum?

the bass drum produces the lowest pitch

What instroments are used in country music?

Country music instruments used

When was Bass Drum of Death created?

Bass Drum of Death was created in 2008.

What family does the bass drum belonge to?

The bass drum is a member of the percussion family.

Are the Tom-Tom mounts on a Bass drum removable and do they affect the sound of the bass drum at all?

Every bass drum tom mount I have seen is removable, and no, it does not affect the sound of the bass drum to any appreciable extent.

Is a bass drum tuned or intoned percussion?

Although A bass drum can be tuned by tightening its lugs using a drum key or a drum screw, A bass drum does not have a definite pitch so it is considered as an untuned percussion.

Which of these statements is trueA bass drum produces a high-pitched sound.A bass drum produces a medium-pitched sound.A bass drum produces a low-pitched sound?

A bass drum produces a low-pitched sound.

What is drum and base?

"Drum and Bass" is a style of music comprised of heavy bass/sub bass and fast breakbeats.