What country did velociraptors live in?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What country did velociraptors live in?
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What country do velociraptors live in?

Velociraptor is a type of dinosaur. There are no living dinosaurs today, in any country. All known velociraptor remains have been found in Mongolia and northern China.

How many velociraptors are in one pack?

Velociraptors were dinosaurs that were about the size of a chicken. They did not hunt or live in packs. They were very solitary animals and were usually seen alone.

What hunted velociraptors?

Nothing,velociraptors lived in Mongolia,China,and Russia,velociraptors where top predators in their area.

What hunted the Velociraptors?

Nothing,velociraptors lived in Mongolia,China,and Russia,velociraptors where top predators in their area.

What environment did velociraptors live in?

The simple answer: Hot, dry environment!Explanation: Streams in these prehistorical deserts would be the perfect place to ambush prey! Velociraptors would be able to ambush prey easily! Also, Velociraptors had to adapt to its native country ( Asia ) which was a desert at the time! The Velociraptor was first discovered in Gobi Desert in August 1923 by Peter Kaisen in the American Museum of Natural History exhibition!I hope this helped!

Were velociraptors endangered?

Worse than endangered, velociraptors are Extinct.

How many years old did velociraptors live?

The maximum lifespan for Velociraptos probably 15 to 20 years. However, most Velociraptors would have been killed long before they lived for that may years.

How many colors do a velociraptors have?

the velociraptors color are brown gray feathery, or black

How old are velociraptors?

Velociraptors lived during the Cretacous, 80 million years ago.

What do they feed the velociraptors?

Not a thing, as the last velociraptors died out 71 million years ago.

Did velociraptors REALLY have feathers?

No, sorry g, but they did not. Velociraptors are reptiles and reptiles do not have feathers. Come on you guys!

Do velociraptors fight each other?

Yes, there is evidence the velociraptors did fight each other, sometimes to the death.