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Q: What country do the Hausa come from?
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What country is hausa spoken in?

Mainly in Nigeria

What can nigerians do in the future to resolve the conflicts in their country?

Ibo, Yoruba, and Hausa Fulani

Hausa Yoruba and Igbo are major language in what West African country?


What is meaning of fennel seed in Hausa?

guess is Hulba

What is hausa history?

the hausa are the largest ethinic group in nigeria almost all hausa are muslims

What is the Hebrew translation for the word hausa?

if you are refering the language called Hausa, it is the same in Hebrew as English: Hausa. It is spelled האוסה

Is Hausa a tribe?

ofcourse hausa is a tribe and the language hausa people speaks is hausa languae aswell.. they are the most popular and honest people in nigeria, and they live in the northern part of nigeria.

What is the Hausa ethnic name for Nigeria?


What languages are spoken by Hausa people?

Depending on which country they live in, Hausa People speak the following languages:HausaSudanese ArabicChadian ArabicEnglishFrench

What the challenges facing by the VOA on Hausa Community programmes?

The Hausa Community is a group of Hausa speaking Muslims from Northern Nigeria. The VOA is a broadcasting corporation. The Hausa community is very protective of their culture and social interactions.

What are the Differences between Hausa and Ibo culture?

differences between Hausa and Yoruba

How was man created in Hausa myths or belief?

what is the origin of man in hausa myth

When was Hausa Folk-lore created?

Hausa Folk-lore was created in 1913.

What has the author Maje-El-Hajeej Hotoro written?

Maje-El-Hajeej Hotoro has written: 'Shakka' -- subject(s): Texts, Hausa language, Hausa fiction 'Hannu-- da-- shuni' 'Sirri' -- subject(s): Texts, Hausa language, Hausa fiction 'Ummi' -- subject(s): Texts, Hausa language 'Gidan kashe ahu' -- subject(s): Texts, Hausa language 'Sirri' -- subject(s): Texts, Hausa language, Hausa fiction 'Hisabi' 'Babbar-Magana!' -- subject(s): Texts, Hausa language

What is the meaning of oats in Hausa?

The meaning of oats in Hausa is "Atukulu". It refers to one the grains.

What crops do the Hausa raise?

The Hausa people farm beans, millet, rice, and maize.

What has the author Adamu Aliyu Umar Dandago written?

Adamu Aliyu Umar Dandago has written: 'Tutse--' -- subject(s): Texts, Hausa language, Hausa fiction 'Tutse--' -- subject(s): Texts, Hausa language, Hausa fiction

What do the Hausa believe about marriage?

Hausa believes that marriage is a traditional of prophet muhammad (peace be upon him)

What has the author Sadiya Garba Yakasai written?

Sadiya Garba Yakasai has written: 'Wa ko kani?' -- subject(s): Texts, Hausa language, Hausa fiction 'Marayu ma 'ya'yane' -- subject(s): Texts, Hausa language 'Auren jari' -- subject(s): Texts, Hausa language, Hausa fiction

What is the meaning of oats in Hausa-?

In Hausa the word shair has the means oats. The main meaning of the word is barley.

How does Hausa interfere with English?

The Hausa do not really interfere with the English. The English is a completely different culture and has very different beliefs than the English. The Hausa tribe is a very independent tribe and does not interfere with the English.

Which country tumbler come from?

which country timber come from

3 major ethnic group in Nigeria?

The 3 Major Ethnic Group in Nigeria are Hausa, Igbo and Yaruba also the most Influential in the Country, Nigeria is located in West Africa and the population is generally 50% Muslim and 50% Catholic. Wrong it`s the Hausa-Fulani,Yaruba Then Igbo

What countries speak hausa?

Hausa is spoken in Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Niger, Ghana, Nigeria, Sudan, and Togo.

Ano ang dahilan sa pagbagsak ng kaharian ng hausa?

alamin ang kaharian ng hausa?