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The mango isn't specifically from any one country, but it is native to India and Southeast Asia.

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From where does mango originate?

Mangoes originate from Kenya

Where does the word mango originate from?

Mango is an INDIAN word.

Where did mango originate?

from malaysia

Where did mango salsa originate from?


Where did the mango tree originate?

It originated in Jamaica.

Where did mango originate from?

Asia. The word comes from Malay.

Where did the mango originate?

It is believed that some early varieties originate from northeast India, northwestern Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Which country does mango come from?

The Mango is native to India.

Which country did mango come from?

The Mango originated on the Indian Subcontinent.

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Ancient Greece

What country is mango tout from?


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Where did Bellini originate?

In which country did the Bellini originate?

What is the price of a mango?

Price of the mango varies from country to country and the species to species So the mangoes prices are not so stables But however the mango cost 120 Indian rupees in America where as same cost rs 20 per mango in India

What country is the mango from?

From colombia and tropical countries.

Which country grows the most mango?


Where does this MANGO grow in abundance in our country?


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What desserts are eaten in the country Panama?

Mango pudding

What country does the mango come from?

Mangos originated in India

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