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The Union Jack is the United Kingdom's flag. It represents the four countries in the United Kingdom: Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England. The flag has been used since the year 1801.

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Q: What country does the Union Jack represent?
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Which country does the blue background in the Union jack represent?


Which country's flag is nicknamed the Union Jack?

The U.k

What three saints represent the union jack?

st George, st Andrew and st Patrick

Name of British flag?

Union Flag, or more casually the Union Jack

What is is the nickname of the flag of United Kingdom?

The Union Jack is the nickname of the UK flag.

What is the official name of the country which flies the union jack?

Great Britain and Northern Ireland

What do the 6 stars of the union jack represent?

There are no stars in the union jack. There are three crosses: England's St. George's cross, Scotland's St. Andrew's cross and Ireland's St. Patrick's cross. There are, however, 6 stars on the Australian flag which has a union jack in the top left hand corner. The 5 stars that are on the right side of the flag represent a constellation of stars called the 'Southern Cross'. All of these stars have 6 points which represent the 6 states of Australia. The star on the left hand side of the flag is called Federation star. This is larger and has 7 points which represent Canberra and the Northern Territory.

Why does the New Zealand flag have a 'Union Flag' on it?

New Zealand is a commonwealth country which derived from English origins thus the Union Jack.

Does the british flag represent Southampton England?

The British flag, otherwise known as the Union Flag or incorrectly the Union Jack, is an amalgam of the flags of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

What is the name of flag in UK?

I'm not sure what you mean by 'special name', but the official name for the British flag is: Union Jack

Why is there a Jack in the union Jack?

The jack refers to the jackstay of a ship, on which the Union Jack would be displayed. Strictly speaking the flag should be called the Union Flag, but Union Jack is well known. Actually, the union jack is what the flag is called out at sea, but the union flag is what they call it on land.

Why doesn't Samoa have a union jack on their flag?

Because Samoa is an independent country, not a British colony.