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Wrong! Even a very simple search would tell you that it's Argentina!

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Q: What country has a flag with a sun and human face?
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Which hispanic country flag has yellow sun with a human face?


What does the sun stand for Philippine flag?

The eight rays of the sun in the Philippine flag symbolize the first eight provinces that revolted against Spanish colonization. The sun itself represents independence, freedom, and national sovereignty.

What flag has a yellow sun with a face on it what do it look like?


What country does blue with yellow sun flag?

The flag you may be referring to is that of Argentina, which features a light blue and white alternating stripe pattern with a golden sun with the face at its center.

What is Japan's country flag?

The national flag of Japan is a white rectangular flag with a large red disk (representing the sun) in the center.

Does Malawi have a sun on their flag?

Why does the sun have a face?

In cartoons the sun is sometimes drawn with a smiley face on it; but in reality there is no human-like face, or any other sort of face on the sun. The term "the face" of the sun just means that particular side of the sun that we can see from our current position on the earth; the side facing us.

Whose flag has a yellow sun with a human face?

This is called the Sun of May, and it is the national emblem of Argentina and Uruguay. It appears on both of their flags. It's in reference to the May Revolution, which marked the beginning of the independence from the Spanish Empire.

Why does your country not face the sun all the time?

The earth rotates on its axis (poles), and it orbits the sun. Therefore, no country could possibly face the sun all the time, which would mean constant daylight.

Is 'When the sun smiles' a metaphor or a simile?

It is a metaphor in which a warm sun is compared to a smiling human face. neither. it is personification- the sun takes on a human-like quality

What do the colours in the Macedonian flag represent?

Flag is Red background with yellow sun. Red means bloodshed from Macedonians protecting their country throughout the centuries, Yellow Sun means "New Sun on Liberty"

What colour is the middle stripe on Argentinas flag?

White with a yellow, human faced sun centered on it.