What country has and needs psychiatrists?

Countries that Need Psychiatrists

In all of UK and republic of Ireland psychiatrists are needed and do practice.We in the western world have the highest level of sucides sepression and other psychiatric illness's. needless to say people need to see someone who specials in this field. To the best of my knowledge America, Europe also invest in psychiatry. I can,t say this for 100pc but am aware americ uses psychiatrists. There is NOTHING wrong with a psychiatrist. Mental health problems are on the increase, abuse of alochol,drugs, gambelling etc. Domestic violence, sexual abuse dysfunctional families.Personally I attend a psychiatrist, finding support benifical. Alongside a family doctor, community psychiatric nurse, I've tackled my illness. The psychiatrist oversees my medication' altering or changing drugs as need be.

General Point

Good psychiatrists are in demand in all the more prosperous countries. It might be worth trying to find out a bit about the various specialisms within psychiatry. For example, some specialize in severe personality disorders (schizophrenia, paranoia).