What country has the most Abrahamic religions?

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It depends entirely on what you consider a distinct Abrahamic religion. Many people simply consider Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as the Abrahamic religions and over half of the world's countries have all three religious groups (although only around 30 countries have more 20,000 Jews).

If you divide out religions by sect and/or include Post-Islamic faiths as Abrahamic, it would narrow the field. Both the United States and Iran have (for different reasons) high levels of religious diversity.
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What religion was Abraham Lincoln?

Answer: With regard to religion Lincoln is most commonly cited as a deist, but his affiliation is pretty much ambiguous. His parents were Baptist and they signed him up in their church as a lad, after his son's death he dabbled in Spiritualism (a popular end of the 1800's semi-religious activity). ( Full Answer )

How did Abraham start the Jewish religion?

In a nutshell, Abraham through his own reasoning concluded that theuniversal idolatry of his era was false and that there must be OneGod. He eventually arrived at all of the central tenets of Judaism. ==== Abraham was descended from the prophet Noah so he may have beenexposed to some of the teaching ( Full Answer )

What is the oldest abrahamic religion?

The three major abrahamic religions are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Judaism and Islam both claim to be as old as creation. Of course, at most only one of these claims could be true, and that would be the oldest religion in the world. More practically, Judaism is by far the oldest of the three r ( Full Answer )

What was Abraham Licoln's religion?

He had no denominational affiliation. Lincoln was undoubtedly Deist. In his younger days he openly challenged orthodox religions. He would sometimes attend Presbyterian services with his wife.

Why is Catholicism the main religion in most Spanish-speaking countries?

During the "Age of Exploration" western European countries were both "exploring" + "colonizing" Colonies spoke the language of the so-called Fatherland or Motherland and observed the religion of the Fatherland or Motherland. New England (Massachusetts, etc.) was a colony of England and thus spo ( Full Answer )

What three religions honor Abraham?

they are: . Judaism per Torah revelation to Moses . Christianity per Bible revelation to Jesus . Islam per quran revelation to Muhammad

What religions did Abraham found?

An answer from our Muslim community: Abraham was the father of Ishmael, then Isaac. After them, Abrahamhad other sons as well. Each son Abraham taught the same religion -the only religion - submission to the will of the One God. Abraham taught obediance to the One God. But Jews and Christiansmodi ( Full Answer )

What religion was President Abraham Lincoln?

Lincoln's religious beliefs can be described as deist at best, although they resist any further precise definition or denominational allegiance. You can read an article on his beliefs by following the link below. he was a christian. probably catholic

What religion was Abraham?

Hazrat Abraham AS was a monotheist, a true Muslim who completelyand unconditionally surrendered to the Will of Almighty God (Allahin Arabic). Answer 2 Abraham founded ethical monotheism, in the form later calledJudaism. Islam was founded 2400 years later.

What country has the most religions?

The United States. We have Christianity(which can be divided into like fifty subsects). Judeism, Islam, Wikka, Hindi, Pagan, Buddhism. And probably a lot more.

What religion one of Abrahams sons?

Islam traces its ancestry through Abraham's older son, Ishma'el. Judaism traces it's ancestry through Abraham's younger son, Isaac.

What are the differences between the Abrahamic religions?

At their cores there are major theological differences especially between Judeo-Christians and Islam. In Judeo-Christianity, there is an 'intimacy' revealed by God to His Creation (see Deuteronomy 1:31; Isaiah 40:11; Jeremiah 3:14 to list a few). We are even told to call Him 'Father' (see Matthew ( Full Answer )

Did Abraham follow the Sabean religion?

Even in Ur, the one true God called Abraham to come out and leavethe idolatry of Ur. Thus, it seems from an early part of his life,Abraham had an awareness of the one true God, or at the vert leastwas somewhat separated from a total commitment to the moon God,such that almighty God was able to call ( Full Answer )

Is Islam an Abrahamic religion?

A: The Abrahamic religions are Judaism and the offshoots of Judaism, all of which believe in the existence of Abraham and the God of Abraham. Islam teaches that Abraham was a prophet of Islam, and it is therefore an Abrahamic religion.

What religion did Abraham start?

Abraham did not start a religion he was father of three nations. another answer Abraham started the Jewish religion. The fact that he fatheredother nations as well (Genesis ch.17) does not detract from thatfact.

Why is Abraham important to religion?

Abraham is the Godfather of Religion. God said to him that all his offspring would be blessed. From him came the twelve tribes of Israel. He is a main focal point of the three world religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

What religion do most Scandinavian countries practice?

The Scandinavian countries as basically secular with recent studies showing that only 1/3 of the population believe in god(s) at all. Other traits include a broad disinterest in religious topics at all. Many non-Scandinavian characterizations indicate the ares are "christian" without specification.

When did Abraham found the Jewish religion?

Calculations based on the Torah (Jewish Bible) tell us that Abrahamwas born 1,948 years after the Creation and lived for 175 years.Therefore, he lived between about 1812 BCE and 1637 BCE. However,there is no general agreement on these dates and other sources listdifferent times for his birth - for e ( Full Answer )

Why is Abraham important to the Jewish religion?

Tradition holds that Abraham founded the Jewish religion, around the year 2000 BCE, though no exact date is known. He was the first believer in the One God, and the progenitor of the Jewish people. Answer: Abraham (18th century BCE) came from ancestry that had been God-fearing a couple of cent ( Full Answer )

In what countries is Islam the most common religion?

Islam is practiced by almost all of the population in several countries of western Asia (Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Djibouti, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Yemen) and is the largest by far in Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Qatar, Taj ( Full Answer )

Which religion was founded by Abraham?

Abraham founded the Jewish religion. Muslims traces their heritage to Abraham through Abraham's first son, Ishmael, with one of his maidservants, Hagar. Because of this Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are called Abrahamic Religions, even though Abraham only founded Judaism.

Which are the Abrahamic religions?

The three major Abrahamic religions are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Baha'i is also considered by many to be an Abrahamic religion.

Which religion did Abraham lead?

If you mean the Abraham in the bible, you could call him Jewish, as Jesus hadn't been born yet, and he followed the same God Jews and Christians follow today. On the other hand, you could call him a christian, as he believed that someday God would send the Messiah. Hope that helps!

What are the problems with the term 'Abrahamic Religions'?

Believers in dialectics came up with the ideal you are referringto. They coined the phrase "the Abrahamic religions", in an attemptto join the three together as one. This attitude shows ignorance ofour Father, his word, his intent toward each soul. What every soul shares, is equal access and love b ( Full Answer )

How did the religion of Abraham break into the three Abrahamic religions of today?

According to the bible, from what i remember, there was twobrothers who fought and then one's son also fought and theseparated each taking their own religion. Answer: there are 3 abrahamic religions and you said 2 sons so that doesntreally answer the question but the reason we have 3 abrahamicbel ( Full Answer )

What was Abraham de sola religion?

Abraham de sola was Jewish. He was one of the most powerful leaders of Orthodox Judaism in the United States. He was also Canada's first Rabbi.

Was Abraham in Islamic religion?

Yes Prophet Abraham is also one the Prophets in Islam and is mentioned in the Holy Quran. Muslims call him Prophet Ibrahim, and they remember him in their daily prayers several time every day.

What are the three abrahamic religions?

They are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Even, (Aa)Bhrahmanism which is the previous religion of Aryansbefore they invaded India and merged with Indian tribes' religions(Saiva, Vaishnava, Bhuddha) and became "Hindus" also one of mainAbhrahamic religions. Islamic View: Islam is not an offsh ( Full Answer )

Do the abrahamic religions believe in the afterlife?

Abraham was given many blessing by the Lord, the most important being that many of his seed (Those who come after him) would accept the gospel in all of its fullness, even up to the present day. Those teaching which Abraham received included instruction regarding the afterlife which is still adhered ( Full Answer )

How can Abraham Lincoln be a religion?

Abraham Lincoln is not a religion. Prophet Abraham lived long before Abe lincoln and the prophet Abraham's family started Judaism, which is the base for Christianity.

How important is Abraham to Jewish religion?

Prophet Abraham, a native of Mesopotamia along with his family and sojourned at Ur. He again got separated from others and went to the Canaanites' land with his cousin Lot. His religion had no name actually. He formulated the concept of One God. Later his descendants followed his path. The Jews are ( Full Answer )

What is the role of Abraham in the religion of juadism?

Judasim is the religion practised by the Jews. The reality is that the faith practised by Abraham should be known as the religion practised by all the Hebrews. All Jews are Hebrews but not all the Hebrews are Jews. Jews are the descendants of one of the tribes of Israelites. The other 11 tribes are ( Full Answer )

What is Abrahamic religions family belief?

The question is not clear. There are five religions which trace themselves back to Abraham: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Babi and Bahai. All teach that there is one God, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe and all it contains. The Creator has revealed His/Her will to the human race for the ( Full Answer )

John Abraham religion?

John Abraham was born in a Syrian Family. His religion is Syrian Christian. He is a gem of an actor who is loved by audiences. He also loves bikes and has a huge collection.

What form of religion did Abraham found?

According to tradition, Abraham founded monotheism. Abraham, tenth generation descendant of Noah, of Hebrew lineage,was the son of Terah, uncle of Lot, father of Isaac, grandfather ofJacob, and ancestor of the Israelites. His story is in Genesisch.11 (end), through ch.25. Jewish tradition states tha ( Full Answer )

What three religions is Abraham the father of?

Abraham is considered the father of Judaism, Christianity and Islam as the Old Testament's 5 books of Moses - The Pentateuch (books are: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numeri and Deuteronomy) are included in the Holy Book of Judaism that is Torah. Eventually he is considered as the father of Islam basi ( Full Answer )

Why was Abraham highly respected in the religion?

Because according to tradition, Abraham founded monotheism (beliefin One God). Abraham, tenth generation descendant of Noah, of Hebrew lineage,was the son of Terah, uncle of Lot, father of Isaac, grandfather ofJacob, and ancestor of the Israelites. His story is in Genesisch.11 (end), through ch.25. ( Full Answer )

Was Abraham the father of three religions?

At least three religions regard Abraham as their forefather.Which is interesting, because most historians say that Abrahamnever really lived. His story is mythological. . Answer 2 Abraham was the founder and father of Judaism only. Thousands ofyears later, Christianity and Islam arose, based hea ( Full Answer )