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also Equatorial Guinea

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Q: What country in Africa did the British not take over?
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What country did France take over?


How did the british take over South Africa?

The Boer Wars and the Anglo Zulu Wars.

How did Britain take over africa?

Britain did not take over Africa.

Why did Hitler take over North Africa?

Hitler took over North Africa because of many reasons: -Imperialism -Recources -Seuz Canal -Block off the British

What imperial nations colonized South Africa?

The first colonial power to take over South Africa was the Netherlands. At the end of the 18th century the British took over from the Dutch.

When did the british take over isle of man?

They didn't. ^^ The IOM is a country in it's own right. It is part of the British Isles, but they never took over it.

How did the British Empire take over Asia?

British empire ruled 1/5 of the world. British empire first came to Asia to buy spices and to sell them to different country, and over time them started to take over the people because they wanted the peoples to do what they wanted them to do, but after few months they take over the Asia by different states and places of Asia including India and they started to rule the country.

What countries did the Normans take over?

Normans took over France and the British Isles, but also took over parts of Italy, Northern Africa, and the Middle East.

What country in Africa did Mussolini take over in an attempt to solve some Italy's economic problems?


How did the British take South Africa?

The British took South Africa by massive support of Armies, not only British, but Canadian and Australian troops too.

Why did nations look to take over Africa?


When did the British take over India?

The British took over in 1747.

How did the british empire take over India?

they took over India because they knew the Indians were having civil war in there own country so the british took this as a advantage. I hope this helps you.=]

Why did Europeans take over Africa?

Europeans took over Africa because they wanted the natural resources that Africa had!

When did the British take over in India?

The British took over India in 1747.

When did the British take over Ghana?

The British took over Ghana in 1921

When did the British take over the US?

The British never took over the US.

How did British take over Illinois?

They didn't take over Illinois.

How did the British took over India in what date?

how did the British take over India in what date

Why was Zimbabwe colonized?

It was colonized by the British because they thought that it was their job to take over other foreign country like Zimbabwe.

Why did Hitler bomb the city of London?

To strike fear into the minds and hearts of the British people. He wated to take over the country by surrender if he could but the British fought back.

What was Joan of Arc protesting?

Joan was protesting the British who were trying to take over her home country of France as well as the fact that the British had ousted the legitimate monarchy of France.

What year did England take over South Africa?

England took over South Africa in 1885.

The british defeated the boers to take control of this area?

South africa

How did allies efforts extend into the middle east and africa?

The British attacked German East Africa. A collection of troops tried to take the Dardanelles. A British force marched from India to take the Indus Valley.