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Estoril is a town in Portugal.

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Q: What country is Estoril in?
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Estoril Open was created in 1990.

How tall is Estoril Hansen?

Estoril Hansen is 125 cm.

When was G.D. Estoril Praia created?

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When was Estoril Film Festival created?

Estoril Film Festival was created in 2006.

When was Estoril Hansen born?

Estoril Hansen was born on September 16, 2001, in Hamburg, Germany.

Where in Portugal is Estoril located?

Estoril is a city in Portugal. It is located in the central Lisbon district. It has a population of just over 26,000 people. It is a municipality of Cascais.

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The cast of Estoril y sus fiestas - 1960 includes: Dawn Addams as herself Pier Angeli as herself Fernandel as himself Odile Versois as herself

Where is Hotel Londres located?

The Hotel Londres is located in Estoril, Portugal. The Hotel Londres has been newly renovated and has a garden, pool, free WiFi, and flat screen televisions in every room. The hotel is located near Estoril Beach.

Where in 1985 did ayrton senna win his first grand prix?

Portugal. Grande Prémio do Estoril.

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When did Elena Lupescu die?

Elena Lupescu died on June 29, 1977, in Estoril, Portugal.