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Pakistan, which is in Asia.

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Q: What country is Karachi in?
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What country is Karachi mean?

Karachi is the capital city of Pakistan.

What country is Karachi on?


What is the country and continent of Karachi?

Karachi is a city in Pakistan, which is located in the continent of Asia.

What country is Karachi located?


What is the postal code of Karachi's?

75000 is the postal code of Pakistan. Pakistan post is in Karachi sothat'swhy 75000 is country code and Karachi code

Is Karachi a country a state or a city?

A city

What is mean country?

Karachi is the capital city of Pakistan.

Why you love Karachi?

I love Karachi because this is my home. This is the largest city of Pakistan and industrial hub of my country. This is the pulse and brain of Pakistan. I love it because; there is no other city like Karachi.

Where was quaid-e-azam born in which country?

he was born in karachi

Is Karachi in China?

No! It's in Pakistan, the neighboring country of China

Why is Karachi famous?

Although karachi lost it's crown as pakistan's capital to upstart islambad and the country's cultural elit look towards lahore, karachi is the undisputed heart of the nation's economy.

Why steel mills are only present in Karachi?

It is because of the availability of raw material and consumption of the finished products. Since, Karachi is the industrial hub of the country, presence of steel mills in Karachi is unavoidable.