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In a small New England town. New England is an area in the northeastern United States. Louisa May Alcott spent part of her life in Concord, Massachusetts.

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In what period is little women set?

The book Little Women is set in the 1860's.

Where is Little Women set?

In New England

What country was Stuart Little set in?

New York.

Which region of the country set an example by giving women equal suffrage?


What time period was Little Women set?

In the 1860's, during the Civil War.

In which country is the painted veil set?

A little bit in England, but mostly in China

In the story 'Little Women' what city did they live in?

The Book was set in Concord, Massachusetts.

Where was the setting in the book little women?

Little Women is set in the time of the American Civil War in the northern states of America. The March girls themselves are in an impoverished state though this is a relatively new situation for them.

Who did the song you Like Women A Little On The Trashy Side?

That would be country singer Jerry Jeff Walker.

When was His Little Women created?

His Little Women was created in 1990.

How many chapters in Little women?

It's 47 chapters in little women.

Is little women historical fiction?

is little women a historical novel

What was the budget for Little Women?

The Production Budget for Little Women was $15,000,000.

When was Little Women?

Little Women was released on 12/21/1994.

When was little women published?

Best guess for Little Women Published is 1868

When was Little Women released?

Little Women was released on 12/21/1994.

What was the Production Budget for Little Women?

The Production Budget for Little Women was $15,000,000.

How long is Little Women?


Who is the author of the novels Little Women and Little Men?

Louisa May Alcott is the author of the novels "Little Women" and "Little Men".

What country is the book of Tashi set in?

It's not set in a real country; the country is mythical.

Author wrote little women and wrote little men?

Louisa May Alcott was the author of both Little Women and Little Men.

Who was the author of the book Little Women?

Louisa May Alcott was the author of Little Women.

Name that movie cold mountain little women Gone With the Wind?

little women

Why little women called little women?

I think that Little women called so for two main reasons , first to show that even though the four sisters are little but they are wise when it comes to deal with different situations , it means to show that they were thinking like women do and the second reason it may refers to the view of women at that time , little women to show that women are weak , Louisa wanted to refers that on the way that women were manimanized

What is a factory set up in a poor country where people work very hard for a little money called?

Sweat shop