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Vietnam is a country, in the Southeast portion of Asia.

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Vietnam is a country, not a continent. It is located in Southeast Asia.

Vietnam is the country, and is located on the continent of Eurasia; just like the US is a country (the United States) and is located on the continent of North America.

Vietnam borders the South China Sea

Vietnam is a new country (created in 1975/76) located in Southeast Asia. Prior to 1975 there was a North and a South Vietnam.

The Mekong River is located in Vietnam.

Southeast tip of the Eurasian continent.

Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia on the south Eatern border of China.

Laos and Cambodia border Vietnam on the west. Vietnam is located on the eastern edge of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia.

Vietnam is a country. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam.

Vietnam IS a country. It is in Southeast Asia.

Vietnam is located in the south east~

No, it is located in Washington D.C.

Vietnam Airlines belongs to Vietnam. The headquarters of the Vietnam Airlines are located at Hanoi Noi Bai International Airport and at Saigon Tan Son Nhat International Airport. Vietnam Airlines is a Vietnamese airline!

The Gulf of Tonkin is located in Vietnam and China, so yes.

The Vietnam Wall is located in Washington, DC.

North Vietnam was a communist country. The Republic of South Vietnam was a free country.

There was no country called "Vietnam" during the war. There was a country called North Vietnam and another country called South Vietnam, which one are you asking about?

Vietnam is a country in it's own right.

Yes. Vietnam want peace, not war. Of course Vietnam is the heroic country.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is located in Washington , DC .

Vietnam is located north of the equator.

Vietham does not exist, but the country vietnam does, it's located in southeast asia under china.

Lao's borders Vietnam west side. Laos is a country and Vietnam is another country they are independent. Laos is not in Vietnam, it is a neighbor.

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