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What country is a dane native of?

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Which country is a dane a native of?


Which country is a Dane native of?


What is a native of denmark called?

A "Dane".Danes.

What is an Danish native called?

In English a Danish native is called a dane In Danish a Dansih native is called 'en dansker' (en=a, dansker=dane)

What do you call a native of denmark?

A Dane

What is a native of Denmark?

A Dane - not a Danish!

What is the native of denmark called?

danish, a dane

A native of the countries of Scandinavia?

Dane, Swede, Norwegian, Icelander.

What is a native of Copenhagen called?

a dane or a danish person. We are all from denmark

A native of Copenhagen?

a danish or a dane. We are all from Denmark where Copenhagen is our capital city

What is your native country?

My native country is Tajikistan

What was Simon bolivars native country?

Simon Bolivar's native country was Venezuela.Simon Bolivar's native country was Venezuela.

What country are wombats native to?

Wombats are native to the country of Australia.

What rabbit native country?

earth wabbit native country

To which country is the bilby native?

The bilby is native to the country and continent of Australia.

What is the native country for a crocodile?

I think the native country for crocodile is colombia.

Why are animals native?

Because they were native to the country they were born in not to the country they were introduced in.

Native country of Copernicus?

he is native to poland!

What country had the best relationship with the Native Americans?

the country with the best relationship with native Americans was?

What is the duration of Longing for My Native Country?

The duration of Longing for My Native Country is 1.67 hours.

What actors and actresses appeared in Raw Country - 1976?

The cast of Raw Country - 1976 includes: Rusty Adams as Rusty Joe Free as Nature boy Skip Sheppard as Nature boy Dane Tremmel as Dane

Is typha latifolia native?

native to where? what country or region??

Which country does the Great Dane come from?

Dispite their name, Great Danes originated in Germany.

One who comes into a country in which is not native?

A tourist is a visitor to a non-native country whose stay is not permanent. An immigrant is a migrator to a non-native country whose stay is permanent.

Is Dane Cook Billy Blaze?

No, Dane Cook is not Billy Blaze, Dane Cook is Dane Cook.

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