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Westies are from Scotland. They are descended from Cairn Terriers.

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Q: What country is a westie come from?
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Which two dogs make a Westie?

a westie and a westie. They are a pedigree breed and so they dont have any other relations.

What is the average weight of a westie?

the average weight of a westie is about 3st 7lbs

What is the life span of a Westie?

The life span of a Westie is 12 - 14 years.

When do you feed your westie?

You feed a westie by giving him dog food two or three times a day. If the westie is a puppy you give puppy food. If your westie is not eating the food she/he might be picky and you can talk to his vet to see.

Can Westie be a dog's name?

Considering other names for dogs, Westie is perfectly legitimate.

What rhymes with Westie?

Some words that rhyme with Westie is bestie, lessie, messie etc.

Is there going to be a westie Webkinz?

a what?

What kind of dog is Maggie in the Caesar dog food commercials?

west highland white terrierMaggie's breedThe last person who answered this question who said Maggie was not a Westie was clearly an idiot. Westie's come from different parts of the world there are scottish westie's and American westies and Canadian westies. So check your facts before you answer a question.

At what age does a Westie first come into season?

Mine came in at 8 1/2 months. But 6-10 months is normal

What is the difference between westie and scottish terriers dogs?

A "Westie" is all white, while a "Scottie" is all black (typically).

What type of dog is a westie?

A westie is from the terrier group, and it's full name is a west highland terrier, and therefore is a terrier

How many puppies did your westie have at one year old?

Your Westie shouldn't be breeding at one. Maybe two or three but not one.

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