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Italy!!!1 Lasagna originated in Etheopia...The Italian attempted to take over Etheopia, but I can't remember when, but they failed....The one thing they did take away from Etheopia and began to call their own is Lasagna...True story!!
The Origination of the lasagna, was in Italy. The lasagna is also known as the "Lasagna el ferno" this food is rare to be found in northern Italy, even though Italy introduced the lasagna to the world.

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What Spanish country does lasagna come from?

Lasagna, is from Italy.In Spanish it is: lasaña, pronounced as in Italian.

What country did lasagna originate from?

from Britain

What country eats lasagna the most?


What country has lasagna spread to?

Almost every country in the world to which an Italian has ventured and established a restaurant.

From which country does lasagne originate?

Lasagne originated from the country of Italy. Today it is more commonly called Lasagna. Lasagne is actually the plural form for lasagna. Lasange noodles are made today from durum wheat.

What is lasagna in Afrikaans?


Is lasagna an Italian food?

Lasagna is Italian.

What is the history of lasagna?

history of lasagna

What lasagna called in Italy?

If the question you are asking is supposed to be "What is the Italian word for lasagna?" than the Italian word for lasagna IS lasagna. <3 :) <(")

What is the plural of lasagna?

The plural of lasagna is lasagne.

What is lasagna heterogeneous or homogeneous?

Lasagna is heterogeneous.

How do you say the lasagna in french?

lasagna lasagna is italian... so yeah it doesn't really change.

What is a cheese lasagna?

That's a lasagna withOUT meat! -Try a 'four-cheese' lasagna sometime!

What is an Lasagna portion size?

what is an lasagna portion size

Is it it lasagne or lasagna?

In Itallian lasagne is the plural of lasagna.

Can you freeze lasagna?

Yes, you can safely freeze lasagna.

How do you spell lasagna in French?

how to spell lasagna in french?

What is Garfield's favourite food?

Lasagna.dude seriously? lasagna

What town in Italy was Lasagna invented?

Lasagna was invented in Britain.

What language is the word lasagna?

The language of the word "Lasagna" is Italian.

What category does lasagna fall under?

Lasagna is an Italian pasta.

When was Louis Lasagna born?

Louis Lasagna was born in 1923.

When did Louis Lasagna die?

Louis Lasagna died in 2003.

What is the Latin translation for lasagna?

Honestly, there is not a word for lasagna in latin. The reason for this is because ''lasagna" is an Italian word. I hope this helped!

How long has lasagna existed?

even when lasagna is an Italian dish, the word lasagna comes from the greek. So for more information I posted the wikipedia lasagna article in the related links box below.