What country is volleyball most popular?


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Volleyball is most popular in Brazil, it´s second most popular women´s sport.

In Europe Poland is the volleyball country no.1.

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Probably almost every country; Volleyball is the 2nd most popular sport in the world.

Volleyball is very popular, it is the 2nd most famous sport in the world.

Most popular sport in Canada is Hockey. Why? It is too cold to play Beach Volleyball and Cricket is a strange game.

Volleyball is very popular because it is competitive and fun to watch. it is very popular in southern California, and in 2007 was the 2nd most popular sport.

volleyball is mostly played in the USA and Canada

Volleyball is the second most popular sport in the world.

Basketball, track and field, softball, volleyball, and cross-country are the top 5.

Volleyball is the second most popular sport in Brazil. Brazil is also the most successful country in this sport. The national volleyball team is currently the champion in the 2 major competitions (Volleyball World Cup and Volleyball World Championship). They currently rank #1 in the FIVB World Rankings. The women's national volleyball team is also ranked #1 in the FIVB World Rankings. They are the current Olympic champions in Volleyball. Brazilian athletes have also greatly succeeded worldwide in beach Volleyball.

the most popular country is Rome

Basketball, volleyball, and Cycling are the most popular sports in Itlay

soccer, volleyball, & baseball.

The jump serve is the most popular serving technique in volleyball. If you are going to try it, then be careful because it might look easy but at first it isnt.

Football Is Italy's most popular sport with Basketball,Volleyball and Rugby Union next most popular sport

Nebraska volleyball is a very popular spectator sport in the state.

The most popular womens sports are in order:SoccerTennisBasketballSoftballVolleyball

The Most popular sport in Algeria is soccer. There are also other sports such as volleyball and handball.

Type your answer here... volleyball

one of the worlds most popular sports

basketball and volleyball. Thats my opinion

HELL yes! Second-ish most popular! Because volleyball is a lot of fun!! but only in some places its more of a matter of opinion

Yes Australia is the most popular country

The most popular sport in the country is running

France is the most popular country in Europe with about 80,000,000 tourists annually. France is also the most popular country in the world.

Soccer is the most popular sport in Italy, followed by basketball and volleyball. Tennis, cricket, fencing and rugby are also popular.

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