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That would depend on the time. The Netherlands planted the first colony. New Sweden planted a colony and finally the English planted a colony.

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Q: What country sponsored the Delaware colony?
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What number colony was Delaware?

Delaware Colony was the second Colony formed in the Americas. Delaware was settled by Peter Minuit in 1638. Delaware Colony was rich in agricultural land.

Was the colony Delaware the 1 or 2 colony formed?

The colony of Delaware was the 2st colony formed!

What was the Population of Delaware in 1776?

The population of Delaware between 1770 and 1780 was between 35,500 and 45,400. The colony of Delaware was on of the smallest in the country at this time.

On what date was the colony of Delaware established?

The colony of Delaware was founded in 1638. The colony of Delaware was originally a region in the Pennsylvania province.

What are all the products of the Delaware colony?

what were the colony of Delaware products

When was Delaware Colony created?

Delaware Colony was created in 1664.

When did Delaware Colony end?

Delaware Colony ended in 1776.

What were Disadvantages of Delaware colony?

What were some disadvantages of delaware as a colony

Is the Delaware Colony in Delaware?

Yes, it was in Delaware.

Who sponsored the South Carolina Colony?

Spain sponsored this Colony. Spain sponsored most explorations that took place in America History.

Was Delaware a royal colony?

Delaware was originally a proprietary colony , but became a royal colony in the 1700s

Why did people move to the Delaware colony?

why did people move to Delaware colony

What is Delaware colony religion?

yes Delaware is a colony region in the middle colonies.

How did the colony Delaware get its name?

Delaware Colony got it's name because there were Delaware indians lived nearby.

Was Delaware a colony or a territory?

It was a Colony.

What year did Delaware become a royal colony?

It didn't. why did delaware become a brithish colonywhy did delaware become a brithish colony

When was the colony of Delaware established?

Delaware was originally established as a part of New Netherlands, a Dutch colony, in 1614. The British took it over and it became the Delaware Colony in 1664.

Who was Delaware colony named after?

sir Delaware

What were Colonial Delaware's crops?

The crops grown in the Delaware colony were rice, wheat, indigo, and grains. Delaware was called the 'the breadbasket colony'. This colony was founded in 1638 by Peter Minuit.

Was Delaware colony a charter colony?


Who ruled Delaware in the 18 century?

There were three ruling factors in Delaware Colony during the 1700's. There was a British Colony, a Dutch Colony, and a Swedish Colony. All of these existed quite separately within the confines of the land that was named Delaware Colony.

Did Delaware Colony hunt?

Delaware hunted buffalo.

What was the founding document of Delaware?

the charter of Delaware is Delaware colony's founding document

How is life in Delaware Colony?


Did Sweden have a colony in Delaware?

The colony of New Sweden existed around the Delaware river from 1638-1655.

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