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it was first started in India then moved into china

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Which country did Buddhism started?

Buddhism first started in the country of India.

What continent did Buddhism start on?

Buddhism started in South Asia. The country is India.

In what country did Siddhartha Gautama start Buddhism?

Buddhism was started in India. It is a southasian country

What country is Buddhism found?

Buddhism was found in India. Buddhism started in 6 BC.

Where did the belief of the buddha start?

India was the country. Buddhism started around 6 BC

What part of the world did Buddhism Begin?

Buddhism was originated in India. It is a south Asian country

What do you now call the country where Buddhism started?

Buddhism started in India around 550 B.C. when Siddhartha Gautama came to a realization that was to become the core of Buddhist philosophy.

Where was Buddhism stared?

If you mean started, Buddhism started in India.

What civilization started Buddhism?

a civilization did not start Buddhism it was siddhartha gautama who originally started Buddhism!

Who started the religion Buddhism?

Siddhartha Gautama started Buddhism when he reached enlightenment.

Where was the Buddhism started?

Buddhism originally started from place called Lumbini west of Nepal.

Who started the religion and when according to Buddhism?

The Buddha started Buddhism about 2600 years ago.

Who started Buddhism and in what year?

Lord Buddha was the founder. Buddhism started in 6 BC

Where did Buddhism spreadfrom?

Buddhism started in India. It started around 6 BC.

In what city and country did Buddhism begin?

Buddha was born in Lumbini in Nepal but taught Buddhism for the first time in Sarnath near Varanasi in India; either of these might be taken as the place where Buddhism started in the current era.

Where was Buddhism started?

Buddhism was founded by Siddhartha Guatama in India.

Did Hinduism spread like Buddhism?

Hinduism started in India, and is more ancient than Buddhism. Buddhism also started in India, but spread to china.

Who origanily started Buddhism?

In 624 BC a prince named Buddha Shakyamuni started the religion of buddhism.

When and where was Buddhism started?


When was Buddhism started and where?

Buddhism started in ancient India in 563 Siddhartha gautama in the 6th century BC

Where did Buddhism come form?

Buddhism started in India. It is in South Asia

Today Buddhism is least evident in the country of?

Buddhism is least evident in the country of India.

In which country is Buddhism the lest influential today?

Buddhism is least evident in the country of India.

What is the date Hinduism split from Buddhism?

It didn't; the buddha was a Hindu who started Buddhism

How large was Buddhism when it first started?

When it started it was one man.