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Russia was associated with the Communist Party .

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Q: What country was associated with the political party?
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What political party is Sarah Palin associated with?

she is associated with the Republican party

What is political party is Nathan deal associated with?

The Republican Party

Which political party is traditionally associated with liberalism in the US?

The Democratic Party.

What political party was most associated with Theodore roosevelt?

the bulle moose party

What political party most closely associated with Theodore Roosevelt?

the bulle moose party

What political party is associated with the right wing?

From the center of the political spectrum to the extreme right-wing you have the Republican Party, Conservativism, Libertarianism, Fascism, and the Nazi Party.

What political party would be more inclined to believe in liberal ideas within the political spectrum?

The democrat party is the major party that is associated with being more on the liberal side of the political spectrum.

What is the importance of political parties in the democracy?

Political parties help a democracy by keeping the country united. If there is a large political party ruling over, that party keeps the country united.

What major political party in England was associated with social reforms?

The Liberal party until the 1920's then the Labour party.

What political party is associated with the left wing?

The political party associated with the left wing is typically the Democratic Party in the United States. They generally support policies that are more progressive and focus on social justice and equality.

What political party was associated with the emancipation?

Lincoln was involved with this if I'm not mistaken I think it was the union

What political party did George Washington a member of?

He was not a member of a political party because he believed that they would separate our country.