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Hitler and Stalin invaded Poland and sparked World War 2.


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The spark that started WWII was when Hitler invaded Poland on September 1st 1939. This happened because Britain and France made a promise to Poland that they would protect them if they were ever invaded so when Germany invaded they had no choice but to declare war.

Hitler had agreed to several pacts and he violated them when he invaded Poland. He killed many Poles, moved them out of their country and moved in many Germans. This incensed European Nations. This was the spark of the war.

the leuge of nations was born, Karl marx founded communismm and russia was in a civil war between the bolsheiks and mensheviks until vladimir lenin and the Bolsheviks won, the weimar republic in Germany was failing then Hitler took over and he invaded checkoslovakya annexed austria and invaded Poland to spark the war

When Hitler sent his army to invade poland

He was voted in by the public as Germany was in a terrible place at the time and Hitler seemed like the spark of hope that they needed as he said that he would change everything.

1 September 1939 after German troops invaded Poland. That was the immediate spark of World War 2 in Europe

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He left a country torn apart by war.

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the spark was that the gews where going better than the Germans where and then Hitler got mad and made everyone a natzi to hate gews and they did and they just went to war after that and that's is when they called it the broken glass and some Jews may or may not of survived that and some did and a guy wrote a book about what he saww and this is what happened about the spark..

Hitler was killing gays and Jews so some people fought back. When Hitler blew up Pearl Harbor, America went into action. Acctually, that's completely false. America did not know the extent of the Holocaust until after the war, and Hitler didn't blow up Pearl Harbor, Japan did.

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