What courses are required to receive an associates degree?

Classed needed to earn an associate's degree depend on the school you are attending and the degree you are working toward. Some examples are:

  • To get an Associate's Degree from a community college, most of your classes will be the "core curriculum". At the community college I attend, you must take College Algebra, English I, English II, Literature, 2 Science classes, 2 History classes, Political Science, Speech, Economics, and electives.
  • I just graduated with my Associate of Science (or AA degree) and it all depends on the college you are at. My college, SWCC required you to take so many credits worth of sciences and I chose to take 1 year of Inorganic chemistry, 1 yr of Organic Chemistry both with labs,a year of Biology with lab, definitely good idea to take Physics with lab (while you're at a comm. college-earier) which requires you to take Calc I, Human Anatomy & Physiology and Science and Nutrition. If you are going to be a science major you will need to take those for your own sake, because you will have to take them no matter what, and that way you get them out of the way and it will go towards your AA/AS degree. Also you will need usually most schools want you to have around 8 math credits, I took Calc I and college Alg & Trig. Then every school has their own requirements for English: at SWCC I had to take Speech, English Composition I and II, and you only had to have 8 credits, so each one of those classes was a semester. Next you are required to take to pointless electives and humanities and social sciences classes which are basically the bulk of your credits those will be your pointless classes which really don't have anything to do with your major. I for example took: Sociology, General Psychology, Western Civ, Human Growth and Development, Asian Culture by Film, The Short Story, music appreciation, you can also take computer classes, art, music, journalism, history classes, they offer you a lot to choose from but the ones I listed were just ones I chose to take. My college also required us to choose from a variey, of PE classes as well.