What crated maria on the moon?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: What crated maria on the moon?
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Is mercury's surface flat or crated?

Mercury is very cratered, like the Moon.

Where was maria on the moon formed?

The maria's on the moon were formed by meteors slamming into it.

What did the Maria on the moon form from?

The Maria on the moon was formed from lava/magma.

Describe the maria and highlands on the moon?

Highland- Light area on the moon Maria- Dark area on the moon

What is younger on the moon the maria or the craters?

the maria .

What is a moons maria?

Maria is a bunch of Basaltic material (which is igneous rock) that came together on the moon. It formed when the moon cooled. People used to think that the dark spots (maria) on the moon were oceans.

Does mercury have maria?

Unlike the earth's moon, Mercury does not have maria.

What are two types of terrain on the moon?

The two distinctive types of terrain on the moon are the cratery and mountainous highlands and the dark flat maria, the maria are darker in color than the maria.

Which planet has the moon named maria?

Maria isn't a name of a moon, though it's what the dark areas on our own moon are called which were once though to be seas.

How old is maria from harvest moon?

Maria had 15 years old!

What are the flat areas on the moon called?

Maria, or "seas", which is what "maria" means.

What is the name for warm body of water that is in the oceans called?

Maria this is the answer that makes the most sence! Maria this is the answer that makes the most sence! no actually maria are the oceans of the moon, the darker areas of the moon are called maria.