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Below you will find an approximate example of what an issuer may use in regards to credit. One factor to consider is the rate will differ dramatically from a person with good credit and a person with bad credit. Credit rating and history will also affect the amount of credit that is given. Credit Score Rating Example Excellent - 720 - 850 Good - 680 - 720 Fair - 640 - 680 Poor - 350 - 640 No Credit - 300 - 349

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Q: What credit score do you need to get a credit card?
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What credit score do you need to get a walmart credit card?

what credit bureau does discover use

How do you get your credit score without a credit card?

There's no need to have a credit card to get your credit score. You can use various web based services in order to get your credit score for free -- no credit card required. See the source links for links to sites that can help provide more information on checking your credit score.

Does not activating a credit card harm your credit score?

No, but it doesn't help your credit score either. In order to build and maintain your credit score, you need to use credit on a monthly basis.

Where to get a secured business credit card?

In order to get a business credit card with no PG you will need to have a strong business credit score. That is the first step.

Is there a minimum credit score to apply for an amex card?

You do not need a minimum credit score. You just need to be able to pay off the amount at the end of every month.

Why do I need to check my credit score with different credit bureaus?

Well they need to make sure that everything is legit and that you are secure enough to actually have and credit card so they check you credit score in various manners.

Does your credit score go down if you do not use your credit card?

Generally, no, your credit score will not be reduced if a credit card that you own is not being used. You don't, however, want to cancel the card - cancelling a credit card (whether voluntary or forced by the issuer) does reduce your credit score.

You dont have a credit card can you still get your credit score?

If you have never bought anything on credit, you do not have a credit score.

If you don't have a credit card do you have a credit score?


Can you get a credit card with a 644 credit score?


Which of these is not included on a credit card statement?

credit score

Will a credit card analyzer show me my credit score?

If only it did. A credit card analyzer is a tool that suggests credit cards based on your financial situation and credit history (which you need to provide yourself).

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