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What culture is the US government modeled on?

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A blend of the old greek and roman governments.

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Was The US representative form of government was modeled after the English Parliament?

no its not.

Comparing and contrasting describe the aspect of the us government that are modeled on the roman republican government?

they were compared by the classes

What was the lawmaking body of government that the us modeled its legeslative branch on?

english parliament

When did the West African country of Liberia become an independent republic?

The Republic of Liberia was founded in 1847, modeled on the government and culture of the USA,

Which country's government did the colonist model their government after?

The Virginia Colony modeled its government after the government of England. It had a House of Burgesses modeled after the House of Commons. It had a House of Lords modeled after the House of Lords. And it had a Governor modeled after the King. Problems arose when the intolerable acts of King George III replaced colonial governments with dictatorships.

Japanese government was modeled after the system?


What countries system of government is Canada's government modeled today?


What type of government does Nigeria have?

It is a federal republic with a democratically-elected executive and legislature, and is extremely similar to the US form on which it was modeled.

How did the US government view American Indians and their culture in mid-1800s?

the us government viewed them diffrently and treated them diffrently because of they way they were and there culture, religion ect...

Is the US government modeled after the Presbyterian church?

Yes, I am a member of the presbyterian church (usa) and that is one thing we were taught in confirmation class.

What culture contributed to the US system of government Greek or Hebrew?

Greek. Many buildings in the US government are of the ancient Greek style.

Who was the statue modeled after the one on the US Capital?

There are several statues in the US capital of Washington, D.C. Some examples are the Lincoln Memorial, modeled after President Abraham Lincoln, and the Jefferson Memorial, modeled after President Thomas Jefferson.

Canadians modeled their government after that of?

Canada adopted the parliamentary form of government from Britain, and the federal structure of government from the United States.

What kind of government does Puerto Rico have?

Puerto Rico has a republican form of government with separation of powers modeled on the US Constitutional, with an elected bicameral legislature, an independent judiciary and an elected executive. As an unincorporated territory of the United States organized as a Commonwealth, the powers of its government are delegated by the Congress of the US and are not under the full protection of the US Constitution.

What system is the Canadian government model on?

TheCanadian government is modeled on the "Westminster" structure of government. Google Westminster structure for more information.This is what it is like.

What can the construction of the coliseum teach us about roman culture and value's about roman government and politics?


Whoes government did the colonist model in the new world?

The colonists modeled their country from England

What are most state governments modeled after?

Federal Government A+, you guys are lucky im helping. :)

What type of government does Alaska have?

Alaska operates under a constitution drawn up and ratified in 1956.It is modeled on the US with a bicameral Legislature, an independent Judiciary and a strong Executive branch.

How much power do the states have in a confederate government?

For all practical purposes, the Confederate Constitution was modeled after the US Constitution. Major exceptions were that slavery was legal and no state could secede.

How did government change in World War 2?

Under US Occupation, Japan was now required to build a government modeled along the lines of the United States; along with individual right, and capitalism. It grew and heavily controlled the economy.

What was the us constitution modeled after several major historical documents what were they?


What are 3 culture traits of the US?

history government, freedom, art, religion, clothing, food, and education

Is the US and Mexico the same?

No. Both are different, independent countries each with its own government, culture and traditions.

what of the following features of Filipino culture resulted from the spread of ideas and practices from the US?

Democratic form of government.

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