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Q: What cut is Scottish plate beef?
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Tenderest cut of beef?

The tenderloin is the tenderest cut of beef.

Beef cut used for corned beef?

The corn cut

What cut of beef is Hueso de Anillo?

Beef - it is a cross-cut shank

What is a cut of beef called?

Silverside Beef.

What cut of beef is beef jerky made from?

many different cuts

What do you call the cut of the beef from near the rump?

"Sirloin" is he cut of the beef from near the rump.

How do cut corned beef?

easy you cut it

What is meat especially beef cut into strips and dried?

Beef that is cut into strips and dried / cured is often referred to as beef jerky.

What cut of beef is pave of beef?

This is the heart of any cut of beef against the grain. If it was a pave of rump, it would be the middle / best / heart of the meat / rump, cut against the grain.

How many slices of roast beef in a quarter of a pound?

It depends on the thickness of the beef, and the cut of beef.

What is beef tenderlian?

Beef tenderloin is a cut of beef taken from the loin area, it is usually a roast.

What is the price of a bola beef roast?

what is the price of a bola beef cut

What determines if a cut of beef is private selection angus?

If there is a label on the carcass that entails that it is an Angus beef product, and if there is a CAB (Certified Angus Beef) label on the package, then that tells you that the cut of beef is Angus. Without such labeling, you really wouldn't know what breed of bovine the cut of beef came from.

What is the top cut of beef?


How do you cut beef?

With a knife! xD

What A beef hindquarter cut?


What is the best meat for beef stroganoff?

beef tenderloin (select a lean cut)

Can you smoke beef?

Yes you can, the most common cut of beef for smoking are ribs.

Do you cut corned beef with or against the grain?

U cut it with the grain

I would like to know how to cut up my own beef?

The way you cut up beef is to get a chopping board and place the beef on a board then you get an knife and start chopping away

Long haired beef cattle of Scotland?

Scottish Highland and Galloway cattle.

What beef cut is most tender?

the loins

How much does 3 pounds of beef cost?

Depends on the 'cut' and quality of the beef, and where in the world you are.

What is beef cushion?

beef cushion is a top round from the upper shoulder cut of a cow ]

How much does beef cost?

Much* (spelt it wrong) and it depends on what cut of beef you want.