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What damage does a hurricane do?

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flooding,destroying houses

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How do you reduce hurricane damage?

U reduce hurricane damage by being prepared

What side of a hurricane does more damage?

The right side of a hurricane does more damage.

What damage can a hurricane create?

A hurricane can make damage to peoples homes and damage building's in the other places.

Which hurricane has done the most damage?

In terms of the cost of damage, the most destructive hurricane on record is Hurricane Katrina in 2005, with a damage cost of over $100 billion.

What was the cost of damage after hurricane Irene?

At the latest estimate damage from Hurricane Irene was over $10.1 billion in USD.the eye of the hurricane

How much damage did hurricane Ike cause?

Hurricane Ike cause about $37.6 billion in damage.

What is the amount of damage from a hurricane?

it depends on what type of hurricane it is!

How much did hurricane sandy's damage cost?

Damage from Hurricane Sandy is estimated to be at least $65 billion.

What hurricane did the most property damage?

Hurricane Katrina (2005) cost over $108 billion in damage.

Why is all of Florida at risk for damage from hurricane wind?

Why is all of florida at risk for damage from hurricane winds

What kind of damage does a hurricane inflict on the houses?

The most common (not the only) hurricane damage to a house is heavy damage to, or complete removal of, the roof.

What causes more damage a tornado a hurricane or an earthquake?

A hurricane

How much money did Hurricane Fran cost in damage?

Hurricane Fran caused about $1.6 billion dollars of damage.

What damage does a hurricane do on people?

a hurricane can damage people's houses and their jobs and hurricanes can even drown people and kill them

Is Hurricane Irene powerful?

Irene is bordering on a major hurricane, which can do extensive damage through wind damage, flooding, and storm surge. It is a very dangerous hurricane.

Which hurricane cost the most?

if your question is which hurricane cost the most damage then i believe the answer is hurricane andrew

What happened or what damage did Hurricane Bob create?

medium damage

What are hurricane shutters used for?

Hurricane shutters used for protecting homes, and particularly windows, from hurricane damage or damage by severe thunder storms, hail and gusting winds.

What was the first hurricane to do over 1 billion dollars in damage?

Hurricane Betsy was the first hurricane to cause over a billion dollars worth of damage in the United states.

Did hurricane Igor cause any property damage?

Yes, Hurricane Igor caused damage in Bermuda and Nova Scotia.

How much damage did hurricane Katrina create?

total property damage was estimated at $81 billion (2005 USD) Hurricane Katrina was the deadliest and most destructive Atlantic hurricane of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season

What hurricane was the most costly?

The costliest hurricane on record was Hurricane Katrina which causes $81 billion in damage.

What hurricane has caused the most damage to the Us?

Hurricane Katrina was the most damaging hurricane in U.S. history.

What damage can Hurricane Sandy cause?

Hurricane Sandy is expected to cause widespread damage across the northeast US. Most damage will be due to flooding and high winds.

What is the wind in a hurricane?

it brings damage

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