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The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake was one of the most devastating natural disasters to hit the US until Hurricane Katrina. Most of the damage was from the fires that eupted after the earthquake. For more information see the related links below.

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What's the definition of earthquake damage?

Earthquake damage is the damage to property and life from the ground vibrations during an earthquake. The Richter scale is one way to measure the scale of earthquake damage. For example, a magnitude of 5 is strong enough to damage weak buildings.

What is the definition of Pwaves?

A Pwave is the first wave to arrive during an earthquake, P waves compress and then expand. They can damage buildings.

Why are aftershocks dangerous to buildings after a large earthquake?

Sometimes, buildings weakened by an earthquake, then it would collapse during a aftershock.

What are specific actions that take place during a earthquake?

during an earthquake the plates under us release which forms an earthquake which brings great damage. buildings might fall, fire, e.t.c. some earthquakes are really weak to even notice them. :)

Why do buildings collapse in an earthquake?

Buildings Collapse during an earthquake because when the tectonic plates under the ground shift, it causes the buildings to move with the plates.

Identify which seismic waves cause most of the damage during an earthquake?

Surface wave cause the most damage during an earthquake.

What happens to glass buildings during an earthquake?

They shadder

Who was the president during the San Francisco Earthquake?

Theodore Roosevelt was president from 1901-1909 the San Francisco earthquake is during 1906 5 years after his presidency.

How do people suffer during earthquake?

Alot of people get hurt during an earthquake becauase their are some buildings that are not strong enough

Who was president during the San Francisco earthquake?


What is the effect on surrounding areas during earthquake?

broken buildings collapsed buildings roofs ect

What is the percentage of buildings damaged during the earthquake in Haiti?


How might tall buildings respond during a major earthquake?

They break down faster than small buildings, it also depends on the magnitude of the earthquake

How is the height of a building related to damage caused during an earthquake?

The ground vibrations, however, were too rapid to affect taller buildings, whose periods of vibration were longer than the earthquake waves, and too slow to affect shorter buildings, whose periods of vibration were shorter.

What is a sentence using earthquake?

The earthquake caused very little damage.

What causes walls and buildings to crumble during an earthquake?

The answer is pretty simple the mass and the impact in the earthquake . (simpler terms) the force of the earthquake

What is called when a wave damage during an earthquake?

a tsunami

What is the most important thing to do during an earthquake?

Avoid tall buildings.

Why is fire damage a large concern during an earthquake?

Fire damage to a structure weakens the stability of the structure. Structures with fire damage are a concern during an earthquake due to their stability and the high chances of them collapsing.

Are there earthquake-proof buildings?

Some buildings are designed to be earthquake proof- especially in high risk areas like California or Japan- but they can only stand up to a certain force of earthquake, which is judged on the Richter scale. Some systems that have been designed to reduce earthquake damage in buildings include- * Concrete/steel reinforcing * Lightweight materials * Energy absorbing systems (most common in skyscrapers) There are also systems devised to protect buildings that were not built with earthquake safetyin mind. There are special hooks being developed to attach things such as cupboards to walls so that they do not fall during an earthquake.

What is another threat to people during an earthquake besides ground shaking?

Buildings and bridges collapsing, fires as a result of collapse, loss of water and electricity from damage to utilities, etc.

Which material would have less damage during an earthquake?


Why do buildings collapse during an earthquake?

they collapse because of what type of ground it is placed on

Which seismic waves cause most of the damage during an earthquake?

The L- Wave or the Love and Rayleigh waves (collectively known as surface waves) cause most of the damage during an earthquake.

Most loss of life during an earthquake is due to?

Buildings falling onto people, or if the earthquake causes a tsunami, drowning.

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