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Justin Bieber has never released an album called "Your World", so. . . never.

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If you're 14 and under you wont go on a date with Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber did not date his video girl.

No, Justin Bieber is in a relationship at this time. Justin Bieber would date anyone anywhere if he knew she was the right girl for him.

Justin Bieber won't date anyone, regardless of religion.

Justin bieber likes to go to his own house if he were on a date

Justin Bieber will date anyone he likes no matter if you have short or long hair! GO JUSTIN BIEBER <3

No, Justin Bieber did not date Rebecca Black. He is dating Selena Gomez

Yes in fact, you can meet Justin Bieber OR go on a date with him some magazines have contests involving Justin.

Justin Bieber is gay ! DUUHHHH

Yes, Justin Bieber has dated girls.

No, Justin Bieber never dated Rihanna.

Justin Bieber has a girlfriend so it is unlikely he would go on a date with someone else.

Justin bieber will date someone who is not famous. whoever he falls in love with. :)

Yes, Justin Bieber does date girls that bite they're nails.

Justin Bieber will almost certainly never date you, if that's what you were really trying to ask.

Yes, Justin Bieber does date. He has dated people in the past and he is currently dating Selena Gomez.

Justin Bieber has not stated to the public if he will date girls with big families. Justin Bieber will not date just any girl. He will date girls that he loves, and not because they have a certain personality trait.

Since Justin Bieber is famous, your expectation is pretty unrealistic. .

Justin Bieber never dated Dakota Fanning.

No, Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber have never she did not

No Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber didn't date - Justin Bieber dated Selena Gomez though

Well, even if you did like chocolate, Justin Bieber probably wouldn't date you

no he can date me my name is Stephanie

Justin Bieber said that if his girl is happy he is happy

If Justin Bieber wanted to, he could. But he probably wouldn't.

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