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What day is Jonas coming out on disneychannel?


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2008-09-09 22:19:54
2008-09-09 22:19:54

September 24th 2008.


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Almost everyone on disneychannel is christian, including the Jonas brothers.

No, Jonas LA is not a movie. It's a tv show that premieres on Disneychannel every Sunday.

the jbros will probably be performing there soon but not to soon because they are coming out with a movie and a tv show on disneychannel they are still filming they will be done soon

i think Year 3,000 was the first JONAS BROTHER song on DISNEY!

the Jonas Brothers of course. Do u ever hear about Drew Seeley on Disneychannel?

Jonas LA is not a movie it's a tv show. It premeires on Disneychannel every Sunday

they live on Jonas Street it says so here: go there

Right now because it is new it comes on once a week one saturday.

Sometime between fall and spring.

They sent an audition tape where they acted a part of a script and sang their song''Hold on''=Hope this helps:)=

burn a CD and mail it to disneychannel

JONAS was canceled so it won't be coming back on Disney

The next Jonas Brothers album is coming out in 2009

The Jonas Brothers are coming to Massachusetts on Aug 7th 2008.

yes Jonas brothers are coming to Lithuania and they will live there

They'll be coming to Florida for a concert in Tampa on September 4th, and West Palm Beach the next day.

No the Jonas Brothers are not coming to Dubai.....I wish they come to Pakistan....

Yes Nick Jonas is coming out with his own album , IT IS CALLED Who I Am.

They are coming August 11th, 2009. :) . NICK JONAS IS SO FREAKIN HOT!!!

i dont no but i no there coming to aus

To be in Disneychannel you have to go on and auditions.the second thing is moved to California or Miami Florida.

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