What deep sky objects can be seen near Leo the constellation?


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The carbon star CW Leo (IRC +10216)

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Orion is a constellation that can be seen in the fall from Australia. Another constellation that can be seen from Australia is The Southern Cross.

There are five first or second magnitude (simply: brighter) stars in the constellation: Alpha Velorum (Regor), which is the brightest; and four second-magnitude stars: Delta Velorum, Kappa Velorum, Lambda Velorum (Suhail), and Mu Velorum. In addition, there are several 'deep sky" objects which can be seen in the constellation. This article has more information:

The constellation that is seen in the Northern hemisphere during the early winter months is the Aries constellation.

Pisces is a autumn constellation and can be seen in September and october,and faintly in November and December.

In the Northern hemisphere, the constellation seen in the early winter months is Aries.

In the northern hemisphere, it can be seen in the Spring.

from which hemispjere can the southreen cross constellation be seen?

Your Face is the best month where you can see constellation

For near objects, the ciliary muscles will contracts causing the zonular fibers to relax which causes the lens to become rounder which shortens the focal length allowing the objects to be seen up close. For distance objects: the ciliary muscles will relax causing the zonular fibers to tighten which causes the lens to be flatten which lengthen the focal length allowing the objects to be seen at a distance.

Taurus is a constellation, not a single star. The constellation contains a very large number of stars and other cosmic objects which have no astrophysical relationship with one another. It is simply that they are located in such a direction, and are so far away, that they appear to move together. If all objects in the lines of sight within the outline of the constellation are considered as part of the constellation then there will be stars which are too dim to be seen even with the most powerful telescopes. They have, therefore, not been identified.

The constellation Leo is an ancient constellation, perhaps first seen and fashioned by humanities ancient primitive ancestors. In archaeological history the Mesopotamians were the first known to record this constellation.

Hercules is mainly a Northern Hemisphere constellation, but it can easily be seen South of the equator. In the North it's best seen in summer. In the Southern Hemisphere it is mainly a winter constellation.

Yes, I have seen it from New Zealand. As it is a constellation centred on the equator it can be seen from anywhere in the world. Stars nearer the poles have regions where they can't be seen.

it can be seen during the spring and fall..... where can it be seen? it can be seen in the southern hemisphere...

Constellations can be seen EVERY night, ALL the time.

The Libra Constellation is situated between Virgo and Scorpius. The constellation is best seen at 9pm during the month of June. Visible between latitudes: 65 Degrees and -90 Degrees.

Cygnus, the Swan constellation, can most be seen in the summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

When can the constellation Leo be seen during the year?

In the northern hemisphere it is best seen in the spring.

Orion is seen only in the winter season. It is a constellation.

No. A constellation is a group of stars that appear to be in a pattern as seen from Earth. The sun is just one star.

Because in the summer the constellation would be in the daytime sky.

The Gemini consellation can be seen dring winter. (December - March)

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