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Pop Music means 'Popular', therefore if it sells its pop.

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What defines country and western music from other music styles?

I think it's sort of old-timey. While all the new hip-hop and pop is more modern.

What is pop music?

Pop music stands for popular music.

What music wouldn't we have if there wasn't pop music?

pop music.

What is pop music about?

pop music is about funk mix pop is not that funky,and not that rock

Which century did pop music come in?

"pop" music just means POPULAR MUSIC... so at a time, Elvis Presley was pop music... just as britney spears is pop music now.

Is jazz in pop music?

It can be Incorporated within Pop music such as Amy winehouse has 'Jazz' in her music, but she can be classed as pop.

What is the difference between art music and pop music?

art music is boring pop music

When did the music pop emerge?

pop music emerged in 1345

When was This Is Pop Music created?

This Is Pop Music was created in 2000.

Is rolling in the deep pop or rock music?

Pop music

What are the name of music that are pop?

Pop music? One direction:)

Is pop music new music?

no pop is not new music but new music does generally fall in to that catagory, pop is popular music, new music is made to suit the times so thats how it becomes popular, there is many new songs that arent popular.

Types of pop music?

There are a variety of types of pop music. These include indie pop, Latin pop, c-pop, pop rock, as well as pop punk.

What kind of music does one direction play?

pop musicPop, pop rock, teen pop

How loud does music have to be pop a balloon?

it's not how loud the music has to be to pop a balloon. to pop a balloon with music you would have to find the right frequency to pop it, if it was even possible

What country did pop music come from?

what country does pop music come from

What type of music do the pussycat dolls sing?

its pop!pop music

What is the word 'Pop' when translated from English to Japanese?

If you are referring to the music (pop music), it is 'poppusu.'

What makes pop music special?

pop music is special because a special band performed pop music. That band was called abba!

Where did pop music get its name?

Pop music is an abbreviation of "popular music". What is considered "pop music" has been changing constantly since the conception of music. In short, the most popular and widely accepted music of a period of time (century, decade, year, etc) can be considered "pop music".

How popular Pop Music is?

Pop music has been the most popular music since the 1950s. Since technology today has advanced, pop music is now more techno than it was back then. Pop music is the most popular music followed by Rock and Roll.

How did pop music started?

Pop music originated and started in Britain in the 1950s.

Which is more popular pop music or rock music?

rock and roll

How do you write pop music?

Pop music usually has an upbeat tempo. So, to write pop music, I'd match lyrics with an upbeat tempo!

Does Justin Bieber play pop music?

yes, he sings pop music so yes he plays pop !

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