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Theology would cover those to religions and a few others.

AnswerSome kind of comparative religions degree. AnswerNone worth having a degree in. Probably the closest would be philosophy. Keep in mind that the only place you can get a job using a degree in philosphy is if that degree is a Phd, and the only place you will get paid to use that degree is in an educational institute. Since most colleges and universities already have someone teaching philosopy under some kind of contract it means that the odds of you getting such a job aren't very good. AnswerIt would be indeed a comparative religions degree. However, I from the way you phrase the question I daresay that you have no idea about what is a pagan religion. You seem to be identifying pagan with non-Christian.

This is not true. A pagan religion is one that is based in the adoration and reverence of something or someone contained in creation (Most oriental religions). A non-Pagan religion is one based in the adoration of the Creator. (Most western religions).

This means that a comparative religions degree should cover pagan religions as well as Christianism, Judaism and Islam.


It depends upon the university. As mentioned above, you'd probably be pursuing a doctoral degree. The term you're looking for might be Phenomenology of Religion which can be pursued in some seminaries or in some universities' religion or philosophy departments. Phenomenology goes deeper than simply comparing different religious doctrines. Such a study can be pursued from either a secular angle, from a religious (including evangelical Christian) viewpoint, or from an agnostic viewpoint. However, wherever you start, you need to try to have a sympathy for the aspirations and felt hungers of all who claim to be human.

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Q: What degree would include study of both Christian and pagan religions?
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Are there monotheistic pagan religions?

No. Pagan religions are considered any religion that is not Judeo/Christian/Islam.

What came first Pagan or Christianity?

There were several polytheistic, non-Christian religions before Christianity. These would count as "pagan".

Which religions believe in divine intervention?

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Which symbol entered Christian iconography as an extension of the pagan religions?

The Cross. In Pagan practices it is an equal armed cross, it represents the elements, the directions, and crossroads.

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Is Catholicism the first religion?

No. There were many religions prior to the Catholics coming on the scene, including Judaism and a number of pagan religions. Catholicism was the first Christian religion, however.

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How were the pagan and Christian religions at odds with one another?

Each religion claimed that its miracles were more awe-inspiring than the miracles of the other.

What did pagan originally mean?

The word pagan is derived from the Latin word paganus, meaning "rural, rustic." It is cognate with the English heathen, which originally meant the same thing.Pagan is a term which refers to a variety of different religions ranging from Wicca, to that of ancient Egypt and even Hinduism, among many others. Some Pagans are of no specific religion, but rather are eclectic. In general Pagan religions have more than one deity, or many gods which are aspects of one (an idea similar to that of the Christian trinity). Another quite common feature of Pagan religions are that they tend to be nature oriented. Pagan can also be used as a derogatory word for any non-Judeo/Christian/Islamic religion.

Do pagan people still exist?

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Was Catholicism the first religion of the Americas?

No, Native Americans had their own religions, some of the pagan. However, Catholicism was the first Christian religion to arrive in the Americas.

A common element often found in religion is?

Money, Money, and more money.Another Answer:The clergy / laity separation.Another Answer:The introduction of pagan things, into religions, and giving them a Bible meaning.Another Answer:The non-biblical teaching of the 'immortality of the soul', is found in both religions that call themselves Christian, and the non-Christian religions.

Why dont Christians know they have been duped by the council of Nicaea in 325 ad that has led them to a pagan worship system?

I guess people believe what they want to (usually as a convience). Though, it is Catholics (and maybe some other religions) that actually have a pagan worship system. Most other Christian religions don't.

How do you speak pagan?

Pagan is not a language. It's an umbrella term for several religions/paths/faiths.

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No. Its like saying your a Christian yet you are truly atheist, or you disregard the Christian God. To be Pagan, you must BE Pagan and not just say you are, with every word should come action. If your a pagan, show your a Pagan by your beliefs, what you do (spiritually, enviromentally etc.)

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