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What degrees are needed for a computer game tester?

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You gotta love Video Games.
Play Video games for over 12 hours a day
Be lazy
Able to spot bugs/gltichs
And able to play every genre of video games

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What educational degrees are needed to become a video game designer?

Plenty of universities offer degrees (BSc) in Computer Game Design - however a degree in Computer Science may give you more breadth.

What degrees are needed for a game designer?

There are actual degrees in "Game design" or similar degrees in University.

Can a kid be a game tester?

Sure you can if you are a good game tester person go for it you will succeed!

How do you be am tester in aqworld?

Testers were people who tested the game. The game is not testing now, so you cannot be a tester.

What skills are needed to become a video game designer?

There are not many skills needed, but you do have to have experience playing video games.^ The last answer to this question is completely bogus. You need a lot of skills for it. To be a video game tester is experience playing video games. The question is "What skills are needed to become a video game designer?" NOT "Are there any skills needed to become a video game designer?"

How can you become a video game tester?

You can become a video game tester either through working for a video game company or joining a crowdsourced beta testing panel.

How many hours does a video game tester have to work in a week?

A video game tester generally work 60 to 70 hours a week.

How can I become a video game tester?

There are excellent online resources to learn how to become a video game tester. Here, by instance:

What education is needed to be a game designer?

You need to learn computer stuff..........

Pursuing Game Tester Jobs In The Computer Industry?

In the computer gaming industry, game tester jobs are frequently posted to help complete the software development cycle of a video game. The purpose of a game tester is to take partially or fully completed games and test whether the program works under both normal conditions of play and under unpredictable situations. The different levels of game testing, as well as the philosophy of the game company, sometimes requires a computer science or programming background for testers, although late stage testing frequently removes this requirement in exchange for reduced pay. There are several types of game tester jobs, but most commonly they are defined as alpha testing and beta testing. An alpha tester usually works during early game development and can progressively test and document code modules as they are completed, as well as testing whether graphics and displays work as intended. Beta testers enter the process later in the development cycle and are sometimes alpha testers as well. A beta tester works with a product that is closer to the final game that will be released, requiring less technical knowledge. In both cases, the tester is expected to first play the game as if they were an average player to ensure that it is, in fact, playable and easily understood. Next, the tester is often required to make every attempt to break the game and find glitches by providing unexpected input, attempting to violate game geometry, or by otherwise creating a situation that could expose a flaw in the game logic and design. Finally, game testers are expected to bring a critical eye to every aspect of a game and its design, including traversing and testing every menu option, user interface, network capabilities, and other related functions. Throughout the entire process, formalized documentation of any problems encountered is mandatory. During the early days of computer games, game tester jobs required very little experience beyond a familiarity with video games. As the complexity of games progressed, however, this situation changed. In some cases, a degree in computer science, engineering, or programming is desired so that the tester can be more integrated into the development cycle. In other instances, little or no experience is required depending on the expectations of the game company. Despite some common misconceptions, most game tester jobs actually require the tester to work within the headquarters of the software company at a workstation. The salaries for game tester jobs can vary, but generally is average or below average. For an inexperienced tester with no computer education, the salary can be equivalent to an entry-level retail or service position, and is usually temporary and tied to a single title. Testers that are more ingrained in the development cycle, have a programming background, and that offer technical feedback as well as documenting bugs or flaws can potentially make a little more.

How do you unlock the ancient forest on Bella sara for game for computer?

i don't think it exsists, if it isn't on the map. (unless you were a beta tester) but it sounds cool!

What do you have to do to be a game tester?

finish high school

Do you need a license to be a video game tester?


How much money a game tester make?


What is the minimum education required to be a game designer?

Most game designers have bachelor's degrees in computer-related fields. Majors such as computer science and technology are popular. More and more universities and colleges are also offering degrees specifically in game design and engineering.

Is the game Love Tester a true game?

yes, its by Nintendo x

What school subjects are needed to become a computer game designer?

information technology

What is a beta tester on Fantage?

a beta tester is somone who was there at the first few mounths or so of the game they test for gliches

How much does a QA game Tester get?

Answer£10.000 - £15.000

Where can you become a video game tester?

eb games

How much does a game tester make a year?


Do you have to go to college to be a game tester?

I did a poopy in my pants

How old do you have to be to be a video game tester?

You must be 18 to be a QA tester as it is a full-time job that cannot be done after school.

How much memory do I need to play computer games?

The amount of memory needed to play computer games is determined by the game itself and there is no set standard. Review of the developers website should list the specifics needed to play the game your looking into.

Can I take classes to become a game tester?

You do not have to take classes to become a game tester. The most important thing is to find a reliable company. You can read more at