What demographics did serial killer Ted Bundy use?

When Bundy first embarked on his career as serial murderer he took his time. Once the victim had been singled out, abducted and finally murdered, Bundy took the bodies to remote areas. In the hope that no bodies would ever be found and Washington state and the Pacific Northwest provided ample remote locations in which to get rid of the victims. He followed this pattern until the very end of his killing career. But by the time Bundy had arrived in Florida, he was showing signs of distress and panic and he was increasingly out of control. This is very common behavior for a lot of serial killers. The crimes seem to escalate over time.

His killings in the state of Florida were different from his previous murders. He killed the sorority girls in their own beds, leaving physical evidence that came back to haunt him during his trials. His earlier victims had decomposed as did any evidence that was on or with the bodies. Like many killers before him and after him, Bundy was self-destructing, and it aided the police with his capture and conviction.