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I think I remember Qualified Health (another discount card) having one provider in Anchorage, AK. But QH is much more expensive than Ameriplan (AP) (e.g., QH $4 a day for a family, compared with AP $19.95 a month per HOUSEHOLD-which is awesome with the huge variety of 'living' arrangements nowadays). Advantage Dental

Aetna Dental

AIG American General Insurance

American Dental Professional Services

Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.

Assurant Employee Benefits

CIGNA Dental & Vision Care

Citizens Security Life Insurance Company

Delta Dental of CA, NY, PA & Affiliates


Dominion Dental Services, Inc.

First Dental Health


GroupLink, Inc.

Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America, Inc.

HumanaDental Insurance Company

Liberty Dental Plan of California, Inc.

Lincoln Financial Group (formerly Jefferson Pilot)


Morgan-White Administrators, Inc.

National Guardian Life Insurance Co.

Premera Blue Cross

Principal Financial Group

Security Life Insurance Company of America

Shenandoah Life Ins Co

The Dental Care Plus Group

Trustmark Life Insurance Company

United Concordia Companies, Inc.

UnitedHealthcare Dental

Venture Health Group

Wellpoint Dental Services


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Q: What dental plan will cover Alaska?
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Does this health plan cover dental?

I really dont understand your question. If you are asking "if health plan will also cover dental" then that really depends on the plan that you have in mind. Most Health plans only cover medical needs. Therefore requiring you to find a dental plan. Some do cover both. If you are looking for some money saving plan for both, or one of the other.

Does michild cover braces?

Does Michild dental plan cover braces in Michigan.

Does health insurance cover accident related dental?

Most do but it depends on your plan.

Free dental implants?

You can receive highly affordable dental implants by finding the right Dental insurance plan and dentist. Some insurance companies will cover most if not all of your dental implants.

Does house insurance cover broken retainers?

No. that would be covered under your dental insurance plan.

What does delta dental cover?

What coverage do have under group heath plan Federal gov retirement

What are the best Aetna dental plans?

The best Aetna dental plans that are offered include the following: hybrid dental plan, dental indemnity plan, Aetna dental fund plan, and the dental/medical integration plan.

What purpose does purchasing an American dental plan serve?

An American Dental Plan helps to cover the cost of dental work. The plan includes one free exam and four free x-rays a year. The dental plan offsets the cost of dental work that would otherwise be far more expensive. For a relatively small premium, members are able to pay lower costs for their dental work, and in some instances, receive some free services related to their dental care.

Can i get my medical insurance to cover any dental?

It depends if it's part of your coverage. Review your policy to find out. If there is no dental coverage, ask your insurance provider or broker if you can add a dental plan to your policy or add a dental rider.

What does a fedvip dental plan cover?

The FEDVIP Dental plan covers anything under the price of 50000 dollars. But certain things may change that as if you need more than one surgery and the cost over weighs it.

What should you look for in dental insurance plans?

If you are looking for a dental plan, you should find out the cost and what kind of coverage is available. Some insurances cover cleanings only and others will also cover root canals and crowns.

Can you combine dental insurance and a dental plan?

The Health and DENTAL PLAN is available to save you money. Also, you will be able to access benefits that may not be available anywhere else. Even if you have other coverage, you will benefit from this plan because you can combine them together to get even more coverage. In addition, you can cover your eligible family members as well.

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